I am Facebook Developer Circles Lagos: Community Manager and also Open Source Africa: Co-organizer, Ask Me Anything!

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I am also a fullstack javascript Developer, Blockchain Enthusiast


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How did you get into software development?


Good Question Ben. I got into Software Development when I was about 12 years old, I was always Fascinated by the way the games on my Dad's phone was made and i wanted to make my own but in Nigeria at that time internet connection was limited and very expensive so i wasn't able to do anything. When i was done with Junior High. I decided to learn the Microsoft office packages at a cyber cafe(in Nigeria a cyber cafe, is like a place where you can go and learn the basic of computers and also browse the internet for a limited amount of time based on how much you could afford). So my Dad paid the fees and i started and i bumped into facebook i was so fascinated about how facebook worked. I began making research(at that time i had some free access to the internet)and i bumped into HTML and CSS on W3schools.org and ever since that day i've not stopped loving software development


I would say Practice, Practice, Practice. That's literally what helped me develop myself. He/she should also learn to read documentation, source code. The most important advice i'd give is He/she Should spend time learning the fundamentals/basics of whatever programming language He/She want's to use for software development before trying out frameworks because once you get a grip of the Fundamentals everything else will follow


What are the biggest challenges in Africa in terms of development?


There are much, Unstable Electricity, Internet Connection, Parent Consent, Security Agents, inadequate support for the tech community and lack of laptops for people willing to learn.
The biggest challenge here is Unstable Electricity, Africa is still developing so most countries in Africa still have issues with Electricity because of one reason or the other.


The Fear of Failure, Anytime i think of failing in life or whatsoever i'm doing. I get Motivated to do things Right


What is exactly are facebook developer circles and how have they helped you?


Awesome!. Can you check this link out developers.facebook.com/developerc...

It has everything you need to know.

They have helped me in so many ways like i got my first chance as a speaker because of their events. Being a community manager it has taught me skills like Event organising, Communication. In Lagos, we have the largest developers circles in The world with about 12k members. So you know the amount of interaction and organizing we do.I have a wonderful co managers that have helped me develop myself and get better at what i do