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Developer Advocate at Cloud Foundry Foundation | Software Engineer | Technical Writer | @auth0 Ambassador | Building @oscafrica | Organizing @react_summit


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Developer Advocate

Deploy a Nodejs App on Cloud Foundry Pt.3 - Hello World to Real World

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Cloud Foundry Essentials

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Deploy a Nodejs App to Cloud Foundry

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Random Thoughts on Building APIs

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Possible ways to reduce your webpack bundle size | JS SECRETS

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#100DaysOfCode Day One

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How to use Github Desktop with Gitlab

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I am Facebook Developer Circles Lagos: Community Manager and also Open Source Africa: Co-organizer, Ask Me Anything!

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Practical Introduction to JavaScript Debugger;

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I kicked off my Software Development Career in 2017.

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How Ingressive Campus Ambassadors Program Awoke the Tech Community In My School.

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Welcome to Silicon Valley

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Beyond The Fore-walls of your classroom: Young Entrepreneurship.

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