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Best Operating System for Programming

So when it comes for getting started with something you always wanna have all the things should be the best. So If I may ask you to choose Any one Operating System Then most of them may ask is there is any Option to choose for the Operating System apart from WINDOWS?? Well In that case You should Get into this blog Right Away.

There are Many Kind of Operating Systems out in The world. But Choosing The Right Operating System completely Depends on Your Passion and some times on the Pocket Also(Till now In My Case).

What are The Different Types of Operating Systems??

So basically There are Three Types of Operating Systems Out in The World. But as we are here to Dig in Detail. Namely :-

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

So the above Mentioned Named Operating System is the List of The Operating Systems that are Currently running in the World. So lets go Deep into Every Operating Systems and Understand the Development Environment.


So Here Comes the Dominating Operating System Which runs in Most of the Computers over all around The world. There is a Bit Advantage of Being a Windows Developer as It still remains the same (with a Bit Different style) as it was released way back With Windows 7. But Windows 10 came up with the Best User Experience.

So Lets Talk about the Advantage of Using Windows as the Operating System for Your Programming.


  • The Best Advantage for The Windows Operating System is the Familiar Look as we used with our previously.
  • Most of The Software's are made first for the Windows (considering the User base for the Operating Systems)
  • Many Software's only Supports Windows only
  • You can also Play High Graphic Games in your Free Time.


  • When it comes about the Software's most of them are Paid and some of them don't work as expected as they priced.
  • If you are a user with Speed then Windows Might not your Cup of Tea.
  • But wait, Windows also is Priced so If you want to use Windows with Full User access then You Have to Purchase The Windows Operating System
  • Malicious Codes / Virus are majorly created for The Windows Operating System(as the hackers want to hack into your Computer).

Being a Developer I don't want to be Hacked or I don't want that Someone Sneaks into my PC. So I just use My Windows 10 with Only for Gaming apart from the topic if You are a Gamer Then Lets Play some Assassin Creed Games Together

So lets Continue with our Topic Here Comes the Next One

Mac Os X

So if You are a Person with Privacy concerned and you don't want that any one who is around the world can easily hack into your system then You should consider for Mac Operating system as Its the Best among the Developers as it is not every Hackers cup of tea to hack into Mac OS easily.

Lets get into Advantages and Dis-Advantages


  • Its the Best Operating System for the The Privacy Concerned Persons.
  • You get the Best tool's with your Operating System Only
  • You Don't have to limit yourself with speed as it is Mac Os is developed only For Apple Computers and will work the best when it comes to performance of Mac Os.
  • You will be out of the scope of the Viruses as Majorly Virus is not made for Mac OS


  • Most of the things in Mac OS are Paid and you have to pay for every thing.
  • MAC OS is mode for the Apple Computers so to use Mac OS you should also purchase Apple Computer which itself cost very much heigh for a Middle Class Indian Family.
  • You cant Play all of the Games in Mac OS as it don't support Every Game.

So Here Comes Developers, Hackers and My Favorite


Linux is a Operating System Developed originally by Linus Torvalds who is the Father of Git so if you see any Developer He has a skill called Git and GitHub (created on the Base of Git). Is that all paid ?? No Never as it introduces the Open Source Development so all the Code for this Git is available on the GitHub Website.

So lets Dig into Linux More and you will get to know more


  • Everything in The Linux Operating System is Completely Free You don't have to pay for anything.
  • Linux Runs on Every machine which is in running Condition It will Run Super Fine on Every Computer unlike MAC OS
  • It will perform with the Highest speed on Every Computer no Matter how old the System is It will Run on High Speed Unlike Windows.
  • Linux is Out with the Scope of Virus as Linux is used to attack Windows not to get attacked.
  • Linux can easily Perform the Hacking Stuff easily


  • As being a Windows user the Interface might not look as good as Windows But It got its own Style.
  • You cant Play Games on Linux as it is not made for Gaming or Non-Development Purpose. Some Linux Distributions are made for Gaming but I must tell you a short note for Gaming on Linux That for now its not supported for Gaming.

So Which Operating System you should use for Programming??

So what Should I choose For My Development ??? I want a Single Answer!!

So........, If you are into Developement then you can surely get into Windows Operating System as You have all your Software's free of Cost for that and You don't want to do the Technical Stuff like stopping attackers from Attacking into your PC and want to give the Security stuff to Microsoft Company then You can Opt for Windows.

and if You want to add a Privacy Concern also then You are free to go for Mac OS X as It has more Privacy Concern and You can Get your Software's for Free On the Internet as Microsoft Officially Declared Visual Studio Code for Free with Updates which will give the Security stuff to Apple.

And If You wanted to get Everything for Free with Privacy Concern with the Latest Software's for Free and want to Do the Technical Stuff like Stopping Attackers from Hacking into your Machine and Making a Custom Security Settings Then You can opt for Linux as it is Completely Free and will Give you the Best Utilization of Your Machine.

My Opinion??

I would always suggest that you should that if you are Beginner Then You should always go For Windows and Learn some technical Stuff and Then after learning the Technical Stuff you can go for Linux If you want to.

But If you want to Get right into the Linux Background then I should stop you right here because if You just jump into the Linux Then you can get into trouble and you might loose your Data That you have stored after giving huge amount of time.

But If you have a bit amount of money to spend then you should just Get into Mac because it would give you the best things apart from Linux as Apple is good For Privacy and Security Unlike Windows But You cant set your Custom Security Settings.

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{ Aman }

As you rightfully said that There are many software's which are paid but in general and as my Experience as a Student of Computer Science and I am in my Final Year for the Graduation I think that a Student don't need the software's which are for the Professionals at the Very Beginning of his Programming Journey.

coderaman7 profile image
{ Aman }

Thanks for your Comments.

and Specifying the fact that LINUX is a Kernel not an Operating System. But as this Post was Specially Designed for the new Programmers who are getting into the Programming field so for them I just kept it as simple as much as they should know to get their Programming Started.

BTW if you didn't found anything useful here then Keep looking for my new post as we will be discussing about Different fields where Computer Student can Get into.

mdhesari profile image
Mohammad Fazel

take the main point bro, we all know that's a kernel and we could use different distributions...

coderaman7 profile image
{ Aman }

Thanks for your Comment

As This post was Specially Designed for the New Programmers as I recently Joined this Platform and didn't got to know what level of Posts here Keeps on the community Running So I just got into the Posts with Beginners.

BTW if you didn't found anything useful here then Keep looking for my new post as we will be discussing about Different fields where Computer Student can Get into.

alokp profile image

For your kind information linux is a kernel but the whole community has accepted that as Linux or GNU/Linux :)

alokp profile image

Linux is best operating system and Arch based distros are the best for developers :D

coderaman7 profile image
{ Aman }

Arch Based Distros Rock for Programmers but being a Cybersecurity Student with Programmer I have to switch to Parrot. But with that fact Ubuntu is also a good option for Programmers (Personally tested)

garretharp profile image

How is gaming an advantage/disadvantage for operating systems for programmers?

coderaman7 profile image
{ Aman }

Did you mean

How is gaming an advantage for Programmers??