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The Best Code Interview Prep Platforms in 2020

Software developer interviews are rapidly evolving. Years ago, mastering data structures and common algorithms was enough to ace an interview and get a job. Today though, employers want candidates with real-world experience and skills.

That’s why many interviewers won’t even ask data structure or algorithm questions at all. Instead, they'll focus on proficiencies with full-stack technologies and collaboration skills.

Job seekers would be wise to practice code challenges and take mock interviews to make sure they’re prepared. There are countless books and resources, such as Cracking The Coding Interview, and popular online code challenge websites.

In addition to those resources, here are the best code interview prep platforms for developer candidates.


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Coderbyte, my website, is the only site to offer full-stack coding challenges, interview prep courses, and mock interviews. With 500+ challenges, articles, and videos across algorithm, front-end, and even database technologies, you can quickly assess and refine your skills for any role. We also showcase user-submitted and official solutions for all challenges.

Interview Cake

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Frequently considered the best source for interview articles, tips, and content, Interview Cake is a crash course in getting a software development job.

They offer courses that are specific to leading technology companies, and provide guidance beyond solving coding problems, such as advice on how to effectively communicate with interviewers even when you don’t know the answer.


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AlgoExpert is one of the original coding challenge websites. The site offers tons of video tutorials, certifications, and interview tips. Their interview prep includes a selection of 100 challenges across all types of technologies and roles.

Alt Text takes a very unique approach to coding interview prep. Rather than providing content and practice coding challenges, has a library of actual video interviews that you can watch, and you can pay to anonymously take a mock interview with an engineering hiring manager.

You may still need to practice coding on another site, but this is a great investment to get actionable feedback.


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Like Coderbyte and AlgoExpert, Leetcode is one of the original coding challenge websites. They offer many interview prep courses for tech companies and roles, and display the average scores for different cohorts of developers so you can easily benchmark.


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Famous for their coding competitions and hackathons, HackerEarth recently launched a feature for mock interviews.

They have a massive community of international developers and companies, so this is a great site if you are also looking to connect with a potential employer.


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Known for their recruiting tools, HackerRank also offers code challenges and interview prep for developers. There's no premium version, so you can access their strong library of challenges for free. It’s a good place to start for a job seeker that isn’t sure yet if they are ready to invest in premium interview prep.

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Yash Shah is also a very good option.