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Codewell — Free Front End Coding Challenges!

Hi everyone! Can't believe about to show off something my friend and I have been working on for the past 3 months, it still doesn't feel real!

I'm a Product Designer who's always been adamant about learning coding but never got around to actually doing it (I'm okay with HTML and CSS skills) but I have noticed that I always design and code the frontend just for fun and in the process, I learn a lot from Google and Youtube.

I'd like to introduce to you Codewell — improve your HTML and CSS skills by practicing on real design templates.

We’re starting off the release with 9 free templates — our goal is to build a growing community of developers eager to learn and share their solutions, and there’s no better way to do that but by making the templates accessible to everyone.

We'd love it if you take a look at Codewell and jot down your thoughts!

Looking forward to seeing you on Codewell!

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Fabien Gréard • Edited


I download one project and after a quick look at the assets folder, felt like using png for every image/logo may not be the best idea? This could give the wrong idea on what format to use on the web.

However, really love the project! I may give it to some of my students.

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Moemin Mamdouh 👨‍💻

Thank you! I really appreciate it. It means a lot that this could be use for students!

Do you mean that it would be preferable if the assets such as the logos and such are uploaded as next-gen formats? (.webp, JPEG 200, etc)

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Looks very interesting, I might do one of the challenges.
but, you guys might consider doing challenges depending on levels like beginner level, expert level, intermediate level etc.

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Moemin Mamdouh 👨‍💻

Thanks for the suggestion. This is definitely something we're discussing adding at the moment! :)

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Jimmy • Edited

Looks so cool, i will try it 😀😀 and get some feedbacks after 👍
Somz suggestions :

  • extension on .dev maybe more adapted ?
  • unlock figma source for free (maybe one/two access challenge ?)
mamdouhmoemin profile image
Moemin Mamdouh 👨‍💻

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and write down your thoughts!

Could you please elaborate on the first point? As for the second point, the reason the Figma file is behind a subscription is to cover our costs and support the startup. We may do promotional files every once in a while, though!