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Anastasia πŸ„πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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What Are The Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Portfolio Website? ⚑

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What a perfect developer portfolio should include? What advice would you give to Bootcamp graduates and seasoned developers?

You are welcome to showcase your portfolios πŸ™Œ


Thank you all for your answers!

I combined your replies with my marketing and coding knowledge and compiled this article on how to build a great devevoper portfolio. Check it out!

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__manucodes profile image

My tips:

  • Show off your projects
  • Use the API!!!
  • Use vanilla CSS (NO bootstrap, NO frameworks)
  • Add ways of contact
  • Link your social (Dev, GitHub , twitter, codepen, repl, discord, facebook, etc. )

My website:

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Andy Preston

Are you sure about using no frameworks or CSS?

Many backend developers, game devs and mobile developers are not looking to highlight their frontend skills.

This seems to only be a major concern for roles that actually touch the frontend.

__manucodes profile image

Well, try not to use frameworks.

(Just: don't use bootstrap. Use tailwind CSS, Materialize, something else. Bootstrap is boring. Too common in UIs)

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Elliot Derhay

Yes, TailwindCSS FTW 😎

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

It very much depends on your end goal.

Looking for a job? Showcase the breadth of your knowledge and technical skills.

Looking for client work (employed by a general business)? They do not care about your CSS ninja skills - focus on the problems you can solve for people, avoid Jargon etc.

Also it depends on what products do you want to build / services you offer.

For SAAS products people are bothered about delivering on time, customer satisfaction, security, etc.

For E-Commerce / Brochure websites it is about conversions, traffic, Return on Investment, etc.

They are all very different, so without knowing what you are looking to achieve any advice is just generic.

devlorenzo profile image

Here, without spamming, the link to one of my articles about that:

My points were:
Care your little projects
Take your time
Make it interactive - Tell a story
Make it personal
Be Creative

Ps: It was very fun to write, don't hesitate to tell me what you think with a comment

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Ganesh Prasad

Showcase the stuff you do.
Your work should speak for itself. The portfolio should work as an index of your works.
Design it the way you want it, don't be mainstream. Be you.
Iterate, iterate, iterate. As you evolve through life, so should your homepage.

Here is mine:
This is the 5th version/iteration of my portfolio, I made this version 2 years ago. I'll be updating it in a few months maybe.

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Lars Ejaas

Well, for me I need to build stuff with a bit of creativity to keep it interesting to learn new stuff, so I try to pick something original in every project. I recently made a small page as a tribute to Bruce Willis while learning TypeScript. TypeScript was a bit tough to get started on, so it helped med a lot to combine it with a bit of creativity. Here is my result in case anyone is interested 😊
But my point here is: Do whatever makes you learn stuff in the best way. A portfolio page can also be very giving in terms of learning new stuff!

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Souk Syp.

Content first.
Writing story about why, how and what you have made for each project is a good start IMHO.
Don’t make them boring.
Design and fancy stuffs come later.