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Tech Principles @ Coolblue

In this series I would like to share the Tech Principles we use at Coolblue Tech.

Over the years (decades) our Tech population has worked with these principles and fine-tuned them over time. Learning from our own mistakes, and learning from others. As a company we want to be flexible, and thus we adopted an agile way of working. Some of these texts are copied over from our internal sources, and as such where written by others potentially.

We believe these principles help us to deliver value quickly, allows us to make changes when needed (e.g. PlayStation 5 launches) and keeps us close to our business needs. Currently we release (and fail forward) 150-300 a day towards production.

In the end, the energy spent on investigating, exploring, and creating solutions shouldn't go to waste. It should be spent on new things. The result itself should be built upon and utilised in the future. We need to stand on the shoulders of giants and focus our energy on moving towards our real goals quicker, creating features and products that will differentiate us.

Our Tech Principles in alphabetical order are:

  • Accessibility
  • Automation
  • Code Clean & Simple
  • Data Principles
  • Design to encapsulate volatility
  • Monitoring
  • Recovery over perfection
  • Security
  • Testing

Over the course of the weeks, we will describe these in a little more detail. Together with this post we would like to share our "Recovery over perfection" principle post.

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