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Top Vue JS courses & tutorials to take during the lockdown

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Well, we have a huge number of frontend framworks present in the market which have a pretty good user base. Then, why is there a need to use comparatively newer frameworks like Vue, Ember or Polymer?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that Javascript being an open-source language opens doors for the open-source contributors to customize the frameworks as per their own requirements and needs.

VueJS combines the best of popular frameworks such as Angular 2 and ReactJS, allowing developers to build anything from small widgets, to even enterprise-level apps! You can even build a complete Single-Page-Application using this brilliant framework.

Vue.js offers developers a framework for building applications that lets them choose how deeply they want to apply the framework. This flexibility is just one of the many benefits offered by this lightweight framework. Developers also appreciate the render functions, the single-file components, the native script plugins, the CLI project generator, and other unique-yet-familiar programming options.

Here, we present a highly curated list of Top 5 VueJS Courses that you must definitely take up to learn the skill.

1. Develop with VueJS 2 (Complete Vue.js Router and Vuex Course)

Vue.js is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React!

Course rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 ( 37,039 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Build amazing Vue.js Applications - all the Way from Small and Simple Ones up to Large Enterprise-level Ones.
  • Understand the Theory behind Vue.js and use it in Real Projects.
  • Leverage Vue.js in both Multi- and Single-Page-Applications (MPAs and SPAs)
  • Setting up a Development Environment and Workflow
  • The Basics (including the basic Syntax, Understanding Templates and much more!)
  • Interacting with DOM (Rendering Lists, Conditionally attaching/ detaching Elements ...)
  • Using Components (and what Components are to begin with)
  • Binding to Form Inputs
  • All about Directives, Filters and Mixins
  • How to make your App more Beautiful with Animations and Transitions
  • How to create an awesome Single-Page-Application (SPA) with Routing
  • How to improve State Management by using Vuex
  • How to Deploy the App

You can take Develop with VueJS 2 (Complete Vue.js Router and Vuex Course) Certificate Course on Udemy .

2. Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 & Firebase

Learn Vue JS & Firebase by creating & deploying dynamic web apps (including Authentication).

Course rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 ( 2,943 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Get in-depth knowledge of Vue JS & Firebase from the ground up.
  • Build & deploy 3 real-world web apps with Vue JS & Firebase.
  • Learn about & implement Firebase authentication into Vue JS web apps.
  • Use other Firebase services such as a Firestore database, Cloud Functions & Hosting.
  • Starting out with the very basics of VueJS and then moving on towards creating fully-fledged VueJS applications.
  • Exploring how to use the Vue CLI to get up and running quickly when creating Vue applications.
  • Learn how to use Firebase to store and retrieve data to and from a NoSQL database called Firestore, as well as authenticate our app's users with the Firebase Auth service,
  • Also take a peak at Firebase Cloud Functions (which allow us to run server-side JavaScript code in a Node.js environment), as well as deploying all of our applications to Firebase hosting.

You can take Build Amazing Web Apps: Develop Apps with Vue JS & Firebase Certificate Course on Udemy .

3. Vue.js: Getting Started

Vue.js is a lightning fast framework that lets you build web apps in a simple way. This course will quickly get you started with Vue.js by teaching you why Vue.js is valuable, how to get data from a user, handle events, and render efficiently.

Course rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 ( 460 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Learn about a JavaScript framework that is intuitive enough to let you focus on your goals.
  • First, you'll learn how to create lightning fast web apps in a refined and simple way.
  • Next, you'll explore how to create HTML templates. In addition, you'll cover how to bind to data input by a user and react to user events.
  • Finally, you'll learn how to conditionally render content the appropriate way. When you're finished with this course, you'll be able to start building fast-running apps with Vue.js.

You can take Vue.js: Getting Started Certificate Course on Pluralsight .

4. The complete Vue JS course

Learn to build beautiful web apps using VUE js.Includes three practice projects.

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 ( 245 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Create applications using javascript and Vue js framework.
  • The very basics of Vue. How to install and the logic behind it.
  • You will build a tiny game just knowing the basics.
  • Once you are done with the basics, we will use Vue like the pro’s by adding Node js
  • You will connect our Vue app with technologies like Firebase and you will push our practice project to production.
  • Everybody is using VUEX, so you will learn how to use Vuex.
  • Once you know the hardcore stuff about Vue, Vuex and routes youwill put everything in practice by creating a third practice project where you will mix it all.

You can take The complete Vue JS course Certificate Course on Udemy .

5. Vue.js Fundamentals

Vue.js is rapidly growing in popularity due to its ease-of-use. This course will teach you all the fundamentals of Vue development including creating components, directives, filters, routing, Vuex state management, and deploying to production.

Course rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 ( 192 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Will gain the foundational knowledge required to build robust, production-ready applications with Vue.
  • First, you will build your own project from scratch with the Vue CLI, including creating components and manage communication between components.
  • Then, you will learn to create routes and navigate from page to page, manage state and communicate with the server using Vuex, and create custom directives.
  • Finally, you will deploy your application to production. When you’re finished with this course, you will have gained the fundamental skills and knowledge of Vue.js needed to create reliable and professional Vue applications.

You can take Vue.js Fundamentals Certificate Course on Pluralsight .

Thanks for reading this article. If you like these web development courses, then please share it with your friends. Also, you can also discover free VueJS courses.

If you have any questions or feedback or If you think any course needs to be added into this list please comment about them.

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I can only recommend the course on first place. I took it and really enjoyed it!

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This Dot Media

A big YES πŸ‘πŸ» to all these suggestions. We've heard a lot of really great things about your first recommendation. But you definitely did an awesome job narrowing down the rest with some top-notch resources! Thanks for putting this together Keyul! It's going to be helpful to so many devs

If anyone would like an all-encompassing guide in book form, we might have one you might like : Happy learning everyone πŸ˜„

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I purchased first one. Best one 😍

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Javier Pomachagua

The first course is amazing! Then I think that take Vue Mastery's courses can help too!

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Fabien Lasserre β˜•οΈ

Could you prune your links to remove the tracking URLs?