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Crop Management System - #100DaysOfCode - Day 19,20,21


This post is part of my 100DaysOfCode series. In this series, I write about what I am learning on this challenge. For this challenge, I will be learning flutter and firebase by building an Agriculture Management Information System.


On Day 18 we discussed how to reuse form widgets to handle create and update scenarios.


In this post, we'll discuss the current progress of the application.


On days 19 and 20 I spent the day learning about testing in a flutter. Most of the examples I found online are introductory level tests. While they helped in understanding unit tests, widget tests and integration tests, they did not help me understand how to test a production complexity app.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at implementing the test I wanted. For example, In the signup screen, I wanted to test that the email variable was assigned the email address from the email text form field. After two days of trying I still don't know how to access the widget variables.

I've decided to pause testing and continue working on the app. I will resume testing at a later time. I will be able to successfully test in the future as my programming capacity in flutter and dart increases.

Updating the Signup and Signin functionality

After failing at testing my widgets, I decided to manual inspect the app for bugs that I might have missed. I found a few bugs in the sign in and signup screen. Minor adjustments were made to the text form fields like capitalization and indicating which fields are optional or required fields in keeping with material text fields recommendations

Wrap Up

In this post, we discussed testing and updates made to the signin and signup screen of the app.

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