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#100DaysOfCodeChallenge - Crop Management Information System - Day 8


On Day 7 we made an attempt to implement the camera functionality but the method await _picker.getImage(source:; threw an error that I was unable to troubleshoot. The following error was thrown.

Exception has occurred.
PlatformException (PlatformException(no_available_camera, No cameras available for taking pictures., null, null))
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In this post we'll discuss the solution to the error from Day 7.

After searching online for a solution and much frustration I found the solution in this github issue. The solution that worked for me was to change targetSdkVersion 30 to targetSdkVersion 29. The property can be found in the android/app/build.gradle file.

Wrap Up

As a developer, getting stuck on an error is inevitable. Fortunately, you are likely not the first person to get stuck on that error. A diligent google search e.g. github issues or stackoverflow will usually reveal a solution to the problem.

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