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Damilola Owolabi
Damilola Owolabi

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My first month experience as a Frontend Developer Intern at Mira Technologies

Coding started as a hobby. I enjoy doing it most of the time, as well as writing, sewing clothes and singing.

In August, I began my internship as a Frontend Developer at Mira Technologies. I was so happy I got the job 'cause I saw it as an opportunity to gain professional experience.

However, something happened a day before the day I was supposed to resume. Literally, I was meant to resume on Monday, 17th of August 2020. I remembered calling the Secretary at Mira Technologies on Sunday, 16th of August 2020, telling her I was no longer interested in the offer due to some personal reasons.

But right within me i knew I was nervous and fighting impostor syndrome.
"Impostor syndrome sucks"... Thanks to Segun Onilude(A friend), who adviced me and his advice did helped. I would definitely write about how I overcame impostor syndrome in my next article.

Surprisingly, my 4weeks experience at Mira Technologies has been so amazing and i didn't expect it to turn out this way. At first, I was confused as I didn’t receive enough explanation about the project so I asked and stressed my project manager a lot and struggled to connect the dots.

Honestly, it was really a tough one for me as I hadn’t worked with React before 'cause I'm used to Vue. But that forced me to figure out a lot of issues and relearn JavaScript. After the first couple of days, I got the hang of it with the help of kind and helpful colleagues.

The work itself is quite good, had experience with bug fixing and adding new features to a web app. Like most companies, we have our daily checkpoint talking about the progress of our work for each day.

There were plenty of days when I felt like an imposter. My project manager would be explaining a task to me, and I would sit there thinking that there was no way I could really do that! But I was able to overcome it by understanding "who I am" that I'm wonderful, remarkable and I'm capable of doing it!

After those quick meetings, I would jump on my computer and think about how I was going to solve the problem. I broke it down step-by-step into small, manageable pieces and went from there.

Other than work, the company sometimes create events which every member of the company participates in. The event may be a tech talk or an event where we discuss about how to bring about growth to the company. When gathered for such events, we get to meet wonderful,kind and resourceful people, and of course there's always an item 7(food and drinks!).
I have learnt a lot in the past 4weeks which mostly has to do with technology and technics but there’s also the experience of working with people in a startup. It is a privilege to learn in a startup such as Mira Technologies. I’m really thankful to God for the opportunity to intern here and I can't wait to see them at the top!

My little advice for everyone out there is to remain focus, be nice to everyone and be good at what you do 'cause consistency is key ✌. Opportunities will surely come and Don't get to bust to grab the opportunity cos opportunity lost might not be gained no more, Don't give up yet and remain focused!

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Andrew Baisden

Good read nice to see first hand experience.

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Muhammad Uzair

Thanks for sharing your experience

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Kpeale Legbara

Nice write up!

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Damilola Owolabi

Thanks Kpeale!