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For me, if it's framework specific, I have a repo that is a component / snippet library.

If it's framework agnostic, I keep it in so that it's searchable using the name and tags such as css & setup, etc.


I have a repo for now just like you, but I like the idea of searching it in Notion via tags. Will check if this works for me.
Thanks for you feedback :)


I flip flop between Zim and an old (.Net 3.5) tool called SnippetManager. Are you suggesting something better?


Zim looks interesting 🤔
I have a repo for now where I just put snippets in subfolders.
Yesterday evening I found Lepton and it looks like it has a nice UI, is cross-OS compatible (Win/macOS/Linux) and has all the features I would expect like tagging, searching, descriptions and categories by language.

It seems like it saves them to github gists.

Will check this one out today :)

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