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Sublime Text 3 Setup

How have I stayed comfortable with Sublime Text for approximately 5 years?

This question arose 2 years ago when I worked at a company where there were many of them "Graduates" from Technology universities. As for me, I am only a poor human being who doesn't really like to follow developer or programming trends, even I didn't go to school.

Sublime Text has accompanied me from learning for the first time to write the word "Hello World" using Python until I am working at this time.

UI Theme


Guna is most innovative theme for sublime text 3. It supports various functions : conspicuous widgets (clock, weather) on sidebar, manually or adaptively tweakable theme colors, controlling status bar label by its own api.


A File Icon

A File Icon

A File Icon This package adds file-specific icons to Sublime Text for improved visual grepping. It's heavily inspired by Atom File Icons.

A File Icon



Provides enhancements to the operations on Sidebar of Files and Folders for Sublime Text.

  • Notably provides delete as “move to trash”, open with.. and a clipboard.
  • Close, move, open and restore buffers affected by a rename/move command. (even on folders)
  • New file/folder, edit, open/run, reveal, find in selected/parent/project, cut, copy, paste, paste in parent, rename, move, delete, refresh….
  • Copy paths as URIs, URLs, content as UTF8, content as data:uri base64 ( nice for - embedding into CSS! ), copy as tags img/a/script/style, duplicate
  • Preference to control if a buffer should be closed when affected by a deletion operation.
  • Allows to display “file modified date” and “file size” on statusbar (may be a bit buggy).

Sublime Text SFTP

Sublime Text SFTP

Sublime Text SFTP Spend less time managing file transfers and more time coding. FTP, FTPS and SFTP support for Sublime Text 2 & 3 that is blazing fast, with smart features and flexible workflow options.

  • Work off of a server – edit and manipulate files and folders
  • Map a local folder to a remote folder
  • Publish files, folders, or just the changes since your last commit
  • Sync folders – up, down or both directions
  • Diff local vs. remote versions of a file
  • Other operations and options to help you get stuff done
  • Password and SSH key auth with SSH agent support
  • Persistent connections for performance



DocBlockr is a package for Sublime Text 2 & 3 which makes writing documentation a breeze. DocBlockr supports JavaScript (including ES6), PHP, ActionScript, Haxe, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Java, Apex, Groovy, Objective C, C, C++ and Rust.

Sublime Text Terminal

Sublime Text Terminal

Sublime Text Terminal Shortcuts and menu entries for opening a terminal at the current file, or the current root project folder in Sublime Text.


Bring a real terminal to Sublime Text with Terminus.


Git Blame


Git Blame package enables you to query Git “blame” information for files while you are viewing/editing them in Sublime Text.

Blame information tells you who last edited a line, when they did it, and which commit they did it in. You can then choose to show that commit in full including its commit message and diff.

For this package to work, you must already have the git command-line tool installed, and be viewing/editing a file that is part of a Git repository on your hard drive.

Git Gutter


A Sublime Text 3.1.1+ (3176) plug-in to show information about files in a git repository:

  1. Gutter Icons indicating inserted, modified or deleted lines
  2. Diff Popup with details about modified lines
  3. Status Bar Text with information about file and repository

and provides some commands like:

  1. Goto Change to navigate between modified lines
  2. Copy from Commit to copy the original content from the commit
  3. Revert to Commit to revert a modified hunk to the original state in a commit

See more feature of Git Gutter

There are still several Sublime Text packages that I haven't explained and of course they are very helpful according to my needs. If anyone asks what I installed in the text editor, please comment below and mention at me to answer, I will provide a detailed list of the packages.

So from here you understand a little, right? Why do I stick with Sublime Text? Yep! The answer is very simple; "Because I feel comfortable"

I am self-taught in programming and I learn from Books, Udemy, Google Schoolar, Quora, Reddit, HackerNews, Github especially Github Issues from various projects (Learn how they can make a software, and how they can develop technology that is almost obsolete), Reading documentation , and YouTube is a very helpful medium in the development of my career in the IT world.

So, it can be concluded that I am not a person who is easily attracted by new things and tries to keep up with them. I prefer to pay attention to it and try to make the garden I have built to renovate to resemble or approach my own measure of satisfaction.

For masters who taught me about IT, in the past, they often told me:

Master what you want or need to quiz as best you can, and expand it to infinity.

When they talk about the Text Editor with me, of course this is very personal. Because the Text Editor is part of how the brain and how I think and work that I have been doing until now.

They argue that Visual Studio Code, NeoVim, Vim, PHPStrom, WebStrom, and others are the most advanced Text Editors with a variety of interesting features, Sublime Text is old, just like Notepad ++.

Hell yeah! My brain is exploding!

1 Question for you Technological devotees with many prophets. What is the measure of success in your life?

If you can answer it, I believe you are a wise human being and can respect the choices of others without having to compare them.

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True, I keep both ST3 and VSCode installed on an external drive , and use them when I have access to the external , which is usually at home. Otherwise it's just me and vim with a few plugins

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Imam Ali Mustofa

Nice to heard that... Wise decission