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David Guzman
David Guzman

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What is your preferred programming language and why?

I love TypeScript due to its nature of making JavaScript more strict and less error prone by adding types to your code.

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John Munsch

I used to hate JavaScript but I've done a complete 180 turn on that. I love it now not because of the language itself but because of its absolute ubiquity. I can pretty much use it anywhere for anything now (browser, server, and even as a "stand-alone" app using tech like Electron).

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I love a language that gives me all the rope I want.

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CuriousDev • Edited

Thank you! JavaScript surely has its good and bad parts, but being used a lot and useful for many scenarios is something, which motivates a lot. You do not have to use it, if you have other options, which you like, but you definitely can learn to benefit of the good parts of it.

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Simon Egersand 🎈

Depends on what I'm building. Rust, for example, I'd not use for FE development. Although it's possible with WASM. Then TypeScript. To write a CLI, then Rust. Backend service? Node or Python. If BE service needs to be performant, something else.

A language is just a tool. Learn the differences between them, and what makes them useful for what situation!

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Guilherme Thomas

I don't have much experience yet but I really like Java. At least the project I'm on its really clear what's going on, so its easier to modify or correct something.
I'm trying to learn some basic Elixir mainly because the creator is Brazilian too.

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Viviane Urbano

I've started learning programming using C, but was difficult to handle with so many libraries, pointers, etc.
JS is more friendly than C (totally different the purpose, also).
But I hope to came back to C some day, thinking about performance

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taijidude • Edited

Depends... Powershell for automation. If it's something more serious and complex i would use java.

I was quite fond of python when learning it. But never used it at work because java was so much faster.

Go has some appealing promises, but hasn't really clicked for me yet.

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Jvm is so so but Not for much longer, recent cpython announcements are hinting at major speed increases soon

taijidude profile image

Yes, i'm aware and looking forward to it. Will check the next releases and the propability is quite high that i will jump back in.

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People are going to be biased towards the language which they use a lot. I am a frontend developer (React), so my vote is for TypeScript. Moreover TS can be used in frontend as well as in backend. So yeah, TS is a best in market now.

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It depends on what you're building.
But in general I really like Dart, it's a pleasure to work with!

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Kilian Schulte

I just love it's simple yet powerful syntax. I think they did a great job designing the language and listening to the community.

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go , because literally everything but environment setup is great about it.

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Liviu Lupei • Edited

Python, because it has a simple syntax and no compiling.
And it's really practical for Machine Learning stuff.
Also, the community is pretty nice.

I think we should also mention what other programming languages we know.
I'll go first:
PHP, C#, JavaScript, React, Shell, AppleScript

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At the moment JavaScript, because I need it for my job and it actually is a very useful language for usage with or without a browser as a client. It is very flexible, which can be good and bad.
I know, that your own answer is short and can be understood differently, but let me add to it, that TypeScript actually is not more strict (for my knowledge), because you still can write "bad" JavaScript, which would be valid TypeScript. It just offers you new possibilities in comparison, so you can e.g. use static typing, but you still can use dynamic typing, too.

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Reason / ReasonReact
Because I like the syntax, the DX and it compile/build fast.
But I sadly never get the chance to use it in the work scope.

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Leonardo Mangano

Rust is by far da best.
Speed, unions, lack of inheritance, low level with high level features, package manager, zero cost abstractions, strict type checking, memory handling, no runtime

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i prefer ruby, it's easy to write, hard to forget, easy to read even if i forget because the code is usually short.

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Guilherme Thomas

I used to work at Stone and they had kind of a podcast with Valim, first time I heard about him and the guy was so charismatic. Hope to meet him some day. Great picture!

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Jonathan Irvin

JS, but boy do I love a well-written TS app.