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Let's get Hacking

We’re a week into the Deepgram Hackathon, and we’re super excited to see some of our first entries! If you’re new to the Deepgram Hackathon, we’ve got a lot of support to help you get started. Here are some of my favorite parts of this hackathon:

Innovative Ideas Category

This is a no-code category. We wanted to make sure we accommodate folks new to their coding journey as well as those who don’t have the time to build a project this month. Your focus is on sharing your big idea, telling a story, and writing a quality blog post.

Deepgram is also offering a challenge that doesn't require you to build an application. Instead, the "Innovative Ideas" challenge invites you to come up with an interesting use-case for Deepgram and tell us all about it! Your submission will cover the big ideas and story of what you've come up with and any mock-ups you've created in a thoughtful blog post.

Unlimited Submissions

That’s right, you can submit as many times as you want. You can submit in every category, multiple times in one category, or whatever works for you! We even talked about ways to maximize your submissions during last week's office hours.


It was really important to us to support the hackathon participants. This is why we’re holding Twitter spaces every Tuesday at 12pm EDT to help inspire you and dropping tips on our @DeepgramDevs Twitter account like this one:

It’s also why we’re livestreaming office hours on our @DeepgramDevs Twitch every Friday on Twitch at 12pm EDT.

We also have all of the categories and resources for getting started and inspiration on our site.

Supporting others is rewarded. DEV Community Members can earn badges for supporting those in the hackathon! Leaving an encouraging comment, asking technical questions, and answering questions can earn you a badge, even if you’re not entering the hackathon!

If you have any questions or need some help, please reach out. We’re here to help.

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Mostafa Said

This is going to be exciting!