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What are your 2023 tech goals and do you want accountability?

We love a good New Year’s goal, and we’re setting some of our own, including starting a learning cohort for freeCodeCamp’s Machine Learning with Python in January. What goals are you setting? Do you want accountability?

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Akshay Kumar

I want to finish my restaurant application MVP by the end of this month.
I've literally been under a rock while working on it and would like to get back on track socially. Never been a reader but I'd like to try, so any good fiction suggestions are welcome.

Take a few more steps towards owning a gokarting track as I love gokarting and we'll maintained facilities nearby are a scarcity.
I might even start streaming again! But not in a 8hrs straight streamathon kinda way... Maybe 40-50 mins, twice a week, like a show. So any ideas on what I should stream about are also welcome!

I feel I've stretched myself in so many directions and would like to pull myself back, along with the things I reached out to.
Maybe this is the year when I get to relax, take a long deep breath, and charge again.

Always forward, forward, always! 💪

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Those are great goals! My fav novel is Kindred by Octavia Butler, so I'll recommend that.

Why not stream the MVP you're working on? That way you'll still be working on it and have some company while you do.

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Matt Eland

My goals are somewhat minimal. Read 4 books (I read 18 last year), make sure I'm getting regular healthcare (difficult during the pandemic), make a fun game prototype to play with my 9 y/o nephew, and continue investing in my communities. I also have a pie in the sky goal that may get checked off too, but that's less under my control. Oh! And get that graduate certificate in data analytics. I don't think I need accountability, but supportive cheers are always nice.

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Those sound like great goals! Definitely here to cheer you on.

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To just learn a lot more, things like engineering tech, react.js, game Dev with Godot. Just to learn as much as I can.

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Jyte stanhope

have you built anything with React since then ?