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Thanks for posting on DEV! Consider cross-posting to DEV instead of providing a link back to your blog (this improves reader experience).

There are a bunch of ways that you can do this easily on DEV and you can even set the canonical URL to that of your blog so you don't lose SEO juice.


Hi Lou, thank you for your advice, could you please describe in detail? Btw it could be a nice post for dev.to :)


Hey Nazar,

You're right — but many people have beat me to it (maybe I'll do one in future). Here's something similar to my process:


A quick search for "cross post" either on DEV itself or google should get you in the right direction. I think you'll find the engagement is better too, since you can retain your website as being the canonical source but have the full content body here.

Any questions, let me know :)

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dev.to now has dark theme. 🌝

Go to the "misc" section of your settings and select night theme

P.S. You can also change font to sans serif, which a lot of folks prefer. 💖