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Best Posts for Beginners: Week of April 14, 2019

One of the reasons I've been so drawn to over other platforms is the super encouraging and helpful community that gathers here. Initially I felt like it was going to be more a place where I sat back and watched, rather than write and contribute, but I've been so pleased to find not only helpful articles and tutorials that I understand, but also that input from new coders and devs is well-received.

I thought it would be nice to compile some of the best posts every week for those of us who still identify as #codenewbies!

This week, Emma broke down what exactly a UX Engineer does. I’ve been realizing recently that UX is something that has always been a “dream job,” but that I didn’t know it was actually a career area. Really cool to keep learning more about it!
README docs on Github projects, especially open soure ones, are a hugely important part of the project. Reviewing and trying to improve copy in README docs is how I’ve started to dip my toes into open source, and this is a great read on things to keep in mind.
JavaScript is my current favorite project. I love seeing dedicated articles on one topic - it goes in depth and makes it click in ways the concept might not have settled before.
When I graduated from college and had my first internship in the music industry, I smartly started a folder in my inbox to save any complimentary feedback I got. It’s grown over the years and I still look back on some of that early input from time to time. Tracking your progress on your own, too, whether it’s through a 100 Days of Code repo or a spreadsheet or document and starting early on will help a lot as you continue on your dev journey - it feels amazing to see how far you come.
This is a super long and super thorough read for anyone at any stage in their job search.
I loved this post on setting “rules” for yourself - right now, I’m forcing myself to spend one hour a day creating a quick JavaScript app without worrying about the CSS and layout specificities that I usually get stuck on.

What were your posts of the week?

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Thank you SO much for the mention!!! ✨✨✨