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Best Posts for Beginners: Week of March 31, 2019

One of the reasons I've been so drawn to over other platforms is the super encouraging and helpful community that gathers here. Initially I felt like it was going to be more a place where I sat back and watched, rather than write and contribute, but I've been so pleased to find not only helpful articles and tutorials that I understand, but also that input from new coders and devs is well-received.

I thought it would be nice to compile some of the best posts every week for those of us who still identify as #codenewbies!

(Since this is the first week, I'm playing it a little loose with the start and end dates. Forgive me!)

This post about working out a learning plan couldn't have come at a better time for me. I've been working out my own personal code curriculum for #100DaysofCode for awhile, and my supervisor at work just mentioned writing one there as well. Amy's learning plan is very simple and easy to follow, and she's posted her template to share as well.

Ben attempted a funny goof for April Fool's Day, and accidentally burned down the proverbial house. It's encouraging to know that even people we look up to mess up from time to time - truly no one is perfect.

Andrew shares his thoughts while learning React knowing nothing about it. I'm going through essentially the same thought process he is, but on my end, it's Gatsby and Node, so I definitely relate!

Maedah posted a great, quick video breaking down some JavaScript and JSON concepts.

Interested in AWS? Learn AWS By Using it by Kyle Galbraith is a year old today, and he's offering not only discounts, but fun shirts!

To Do List with many baby steps: cook breakfast, clean up breakfast, work on drawing 1, work on drawing 2, etc.
We got this!

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Andrew (he/him)

Thanks for the shout-out, Desi!