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Best Posts for Beginners: Week of June 10, 2019

One of the reasons I've been so drawn to over other platforms is the super encouraging and helpful community that gathers here. Initially I felt like it was going to be more a place where I sat back and watched, rather than write and contribute, but I've been so pleased to find not only helpful articles and tutorials that I understand, but also that input from new coders and devs is well-received.

I thought it would be nice to compile some of the best posts every week for those of us who still identify as #codenewbies!

The "101" title of this post is misleading - it's a great refresher for experienced developers as well, with nice reminders of what function does what and why. I hope Kara turns this into a series!

Burnout is always a recurring topic, with good reason. One way I've found to combat it is to shift my focus a little bit - when I get tired or burned out of one topic, I'll move over to start working on a new small project or reviewing some different documentation. I'm not alone in this strategy, it turns out!

Helen's posts are consistently great, and this one is no exception. This curated list of videos has just the right mix of content, and there's something for you no matter what you want to learn or how much time you have to devote to it right now.

The lure of remote work and freelancing has been a siren song to many people who transition into development. Skill Pathway shared some actionable strategies this week to prepare yourself for that!

There are plenty of ways and reasons to start your own coding journal as a newbie -- science says that by physically writing things down, we're much more likely to remember it. I've had a separate notebook for my notes and ideas this year, and it's been so helpful in getting projects done and reinforcing concepts! is a super helpful and collaborative community, and here's one example! Bryan wants to critique your design -- constructively -- and he's posting videos for anyone to stream. Sharing that knowledge can benefit everyone struggling with design, and you can get some tailored, custom notes for your own site!

Stephanie's tech journey is so aspirational, and I devour any post she shares - especially those like this one, which shares some ways to practice consistency and, eventually, reach your goals.

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Helen Anderson

Thanks for including me, that made my day :)

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Jack Fisher

Thanks for including my article 😊 there's some really great articles in this list!