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Master The Website Requirements Before Developing

Hello to all my community people :-) This is my 4th post and I'm thankful to everyone because I love this community. I'm sharing long blog here and microblogs on my Instagram(@designer.akash) page❤️😃

Before developing a website, as a designer, developer, or any agency we must have to know what are the requirements before developing a website...

1. Define your target & purpose

The defining target and purpose of the website is the initial step and we must have to know before doing anything.

  1. Define your target audience along with the purpose of the website.
  2. In order to create your website that meets the needs of the target audience, you have to define first: Who are those people? Why you’re making this website? What would you like to get out of it?

And if you failed to define it, then you'll design a website that will be aimless and useless.

2. Give a name to your website

  1. Buy a Domain Name for your website: This is the second thing that you need after defining your target audience and purpose.

  2. It’s a website address that people will use to get connected to your website.

3. Get a place for your website

  1. Website Hosting: It’s a storage that stores your website content online.
  2. When users enter your website domain in a browser then the content will fetch from your host through the browser.
  3. Types of Hosting: a. Shared Hosting b. VPS Hosting c. Dedicated Hosting d. Free Hosting

4. Create your Brand

  1. Your website needs to reflect your brand.
  2. Branding is important for all types of business and using a Logo is a great way to create a brand for your business as well as for the website. like:- TYPOGRAPHY, LOGO, COLORS, LOGO.
  3. The colors, fonts & style should remain the same throughout as too many fonts & colors make your site & brand feel messy.

5. Understanding of your content

You must have a proper understanding of the content that is going to appear on your website, this includes text(typography) as well as images.

6. Decide your color schemes

Proper use of color Palette is important as “Color” plays a big role in how a user feels and how your brand stands out from the crowd.

7. Knowledge of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool with the help of it you can understand no of visitors interacting with your website, which page they visit most, how long they stay on each page and etc


8. Understanding of CTA

It’s important to have a call to action that appears on your website as it can include any kind of interaction with your websites like getting people to contact you by phone, email, through login/signup or etc.

9. Knowledge of Other Factors

  1. Cost of running Website
  2. SEO Friendly(understanding of keywords)
  3. Take Inspiration before development(from competitors or from your favorite brands)
  4. Structure(blueprint) your website
  5. Select proper tools that you’ll use to develop and design

I'm also sharing a short microblog where I'm running the #designerstalk series on my page also.

If you have doubts regarding development or UI/UX Design. Please feel free to connect with me on: ❤️😃
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