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Master your next Freelance Project

Hello to all my community people :-) This is my second post and I'm thankful to everyone because my first(previous) post reached 40k+ view with your love.❤️😃

Now, let's start our today's topic

After learning programming or designing, you've to start taking freelance projects but what to do after you'll get freelance project..? I'm going to share the framework Analysis Phase Framework that I'm using over the years to get more clarity about the project and client's mind and that will help you to make a better freelance project.

The questionnaire is a more important task for your client to understand their project requirement more clearly before starting out any project.


I've divided this framework into 6 parts:

website freelancing

Phase 1: Business Analysis

In this phase you've to understand about company and what exactly the client wants from you by asking the following questions:

company name:_________ Address:__________
Phone:________ Email:_________

Question 1: Describe your business in few sentences?
Question 2: Who is your target customer/audience?
Question 3: What makes your company remarkable? Ex: Being the cheapest, having awesome customer service, fast or free delivery, guarantee or return policy, etc?

design business

Phase 2: Website Analysis

This phase is to understand the pain points, goals of the clients like:

Question 1: What do you like about your previous branding/website?
Question 2: What do you dislike about your previous branding/website?
Question 3: What are your expectations for the new website?
Question 4: What's your primary goal for the site? Like: Increase brand awareness, encourage sales, Educate their audience, etc.

website design

Phase 3: Competitive Analysis

This phase is to understand the about the competitors of your client:
Question 1: Who are your competitors that are providing the same services?
Question 2: What are some sites that you like the style of, features, and functionality of?
Question 3: What do you currently like about your competitors’ website?
Alt Text

Phase 4: Branding Analysis

This phase is to understand the branding guidelines of the client company:
Question 1: Do you have any specific color and typography palette that need to be used in your project?
Question 2: Do you have imagery (photos, video, or illustrations) that will be part of the design?
Question 3: Do you have any logo for this project? If you have then can you provide me with the artwork files or you want a new logo?
Question 4: Do you have a tagline and a mission statement? Question 5: Apart from website designing, what are the other things you want like e-catalog, etc? If no then say NA.

Phase 5: Functionality Analysis

This phase is to understand the particular functionality that clients want in the website or app or product like:
Question 1: Will you require a responsive design (adapts automatically to mobile devices)?
Question 2: What functional requirements are needed within the new website? Like: Photo Galleries, Words by previous customers, Contact form, chatting, etc.
Question 3: Will you want a single page website/Single landing page or multiple page website?
responsive design

Phase 6: Budget and Timeline Analysis

We all are doing hard work to get money. So we have to understand the timeline and budget of client before saying yes:
Question 1: What's your expected timeline for this project?
Question 2: What's your budget for this project?

Now you are ready to handle any client's project and you're ready to start designing or development.

Thank you again for my first post 40K+. Hope you'll like this post too.

If you have doubts regarding front end development or UI/UX Design. Please feel free to connect with me on: ❤️😃
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Richard Lenkovits

Really valuable corner points for customer evaluation, great article.

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Akash Upadhyay • Edited

Thank you for your kind words. I follow the exact same pattern for every project. ❤😀 You can connect with me on page and Linkedin also :-)

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Akash Upadhyay

Lovable community please share your opinions. I'm happy to hear what's your view. :-)