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Thank you DEV and everyone! 🤝 I have become one of the Distinguished Authors of 2019!

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Wow, It really feels awesome 📝😎🙌

Thanks to DEV for building this cool platform! 🤝

I use DEV every day, not only that I write here but also I read a lot from a lot of cool writers. 👋

Thanks, DEVCommunity for being awesome!

I got these below stickers as a gift from DEV which can make anyone happy 😊

Alt Text

If anyone wants to say HI, you can follow me here on DEV or Twitter https://twitter.com/destro_mas or both 😊 and if you wanna start any discussion you can comment...


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Awesome!!! On behalf of my home country of Nigeria 🇳🇬 (I have quite a few in my dna 🧬), we thank you.


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