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Don't overcomplicate things

Wen working with the code, the programmer all the time faced with abstraction. This is common use technique that is used to simplify some things in one place and delegate realization to another place. It is very useful and cool. If I use

  const cardItem = arr.find(item => === 'card')
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I teach myself what this method does. What should I use as parameters and values that I expect to receive? And then use it all over the place, doesn’t dig into details of realizations hidden behind this method. This is greate.
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All the frameworks, language features are based on good abstractions. Abstraction gives us the power and clean way to do complex things.

But can over-abstraction is be bad?
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It can be where we can make things are not obvious and can confuse or just struggle other developers or even for us in the future. Let looks at the example:

In this case we use some custom function to add query for tag

 <a href={customRoute(ACCOUNT_DETAILS_PATH, 
        { pathQuery: { sid: active.sid }, })} />
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So we use some customRout() method that adds some more logic for this that takes 2 params, URL and object.
What difficulties it can add to your code? Let say a new developer comes to our project. He sees that code and he will need to dig into that function to know the implementation or what the API is. Inside that function we can see something like this:

export function customRout(
  routePath: string,
  params?: {
    path?: Record<string, any>;
    query?: Record<any, any>;
) {

const normalizedPath = replacePathParams(routePath, params?.path);

  if (params?.query) {
    return addQueryParams(normalizedPath, params.query);

  return normalizedPath;
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We have some extra logic to handle all params and also have some more abstractions with addQueryParams and normalizedPath. And that abstraction can have more inside..

This is another example that does the same thing but using template literal instead

 <a href={`${ACCOUNT_DETAILS_PATH}?sid=${active.sid}`}/> 
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it is clear and not abstracted. It’s readable well for every developer. Not no need to learn API or so.
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The main point is to avoid over-complexities and unnecessary abstraction in the code. It will save time and brain energy for everyone in the project. And let you focused on really good abstractions in a place where they need.

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reads like it was written by an AI☺️