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Within one hour since you finally go and delete the content of that folder - you'll realize it contains some super important file and you've just permanently delete it. When that happens, don't blame yourself, it's Murphy.


Not going to include pics (too much hassle) but:

  • physical desktop (work): spotless + occasional evidence of a coffee cup
  • OS desktop (work): a little cluttered with icons (but I never see it)
  • physical desktop (home): a total mess
  • OS desktop (home): no icons whatsoever

Ever since I setup a ScreenShots folder in my home directoy it has gotten A LOT cleaner!

Desktop with yellow/purple background that says in white text, I didnt come this far only to come this far


Here's mine. I delete unnecessary files at the end of every day 😄


At home I have even less than that since I reinstalled macOS from scratch a few days ago. Didn't have much before, mind you, but I think I have four icons on it now.

But I really came here to say that I love that background!


No 4K here (well, at home). Mid-2011 27" iMac with two Thunderbolt displays.

Nope. The machine still works very well for what I do (and then some). I bought the max available processor speed and graphics card and later put 32 Gb in it, so I'm running macOS and Windows (Parallels) side by side with no performance issue whatsoever. I don't need 4K for what I do.


Honestly, most of the files on your desktop can be placed in a better folder.


I just need them to be there to remind me that I'm a freelancer hahaha


Not so clean, I guess...
This wall paper is a photo of a deep space region made by the Hubble telescope. Every dot of light on that image is an entire galaxy.
Every time I get too stressed or pissed off I like to look at it. It reminds me that whatever is bugging me at the moment is tiny and insignificant.

my desktop

  • Physical desktop is a mess... but that being said I've been always a mess with desktops
  • OS Desktop clean as it should be

Greate ! I Love this quote. Can you share this wallpaper?


I got it from wallpaperhub.app/ there are a lot of goodies there too but seems to be down at the moment I'll try to come later with the full link to the one above

Site is up and running :)



I have no desk at home so... "N/A"

I choose the Window-managers I do because of ability to hide things away in "drawers" (similar for my cellphone)

At the office, I was told, "you need to put stuff in your cubicle so that people know that it hasn't been abandoned and can be reallocated (especially since, when I am at this office, it's from before 0600 to before 1400). So, I added a Funko Pinhead, a faux-marble skull and a stuffed bat. Otherwise, still pretty spartan.

Work desktop only has the icons on it that are forced there by our desktop administrators. Everything else is tucked away. Even my toolbar is set to auto-hide.


Totally mess, but I never see it, Browser is my OS

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