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4 JavaScript Projects To Build FAST And Get Hired In 1 Month

If you're starting to apply for your first web developer junior position, then you might want to consider building out one of the 4 (if not all) projects.

The projects were thought out based on daily tasks that many web developers (including seniors) face every day.

1. Consume API (Backend)

When you consume someone else's API, you are talking to a third party outside of your system. You could choose what type of data you want to get, should you validate it, how do you want to store it in your database, etc.

This is where you could throw in your imagination and do whatever you want with the data. You could also perform a small CRUD system once you've retrieved the data.

To give you an idea, you could consume Yelp or SpaceX API (but there is a lot more out there):

SpaceX API

Yelp API

2. 10 Hour Challenge (Frontend)

This is my personal favorite if you're planning to be a front-end developer.

Within 10 hours, you should build a single-page application using a framework that you've never used before. It has to be responsive, look good/decent, and deployed onto a hosting service.

Having something like on the resume will impress every person on the interview as you will demonstrate how fast you can learn, implement, and not get destructed in the process. But again, the key is to finish it in 10 hours.

3. Building Blog Post (Frontend, Backend)

You've probably heard this already, but there is one key element that many developers don't implement.

When we build projects with X number of records on a single page, we follow a specific process that allows us to load a specific number of records instead of loading all records at once. This process is called pagination.


Have you seen something like this at the bottom of any e-commerce website? Well, that is pagination! So when you are building out a blog page, you're focusing on implementation the pagination functionality.

Suppose you don't have a blog, no problem. You could talk to Yelp API or the database that you've built for the first project.

4. Hotel System (Frontend, Backend)

This one will be a bit more complex and time-consuming as you will be building out the frontend, backend, database, and most importantly, building out the features.

Every hotel has a specific number of available rooms, included in the packages (this is up to your imagination), for how long the guest will be staying, and a lot more.

Don't go overboard and build out the Hilton system, but focus on maybe 3 to 4 features that you know could be fun to demonstrate during the interview and do small calculations.

These are the four projects that could help you stand out during the interview and help you to land a job much faster than you think. You may not even get a coding challenge because you will demonstrate excellent work (that's what happened to me).

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terabytetiger profile image
Tyler V. (he/him)

Within 10 hours, you should build a single-page application using a framework that you've never used before. It has to be responsive, look good/decent, and deployed onto a hosting service.

It takes me more than 10 hours with frameworks I'm familiar with 😂

nickseagull profile image
Nick Tchayka

Yeah, I feel you. It's funny how nowadays frontend takes more time than backend. Literally can make a backend in 30mins with Booster Framework, spend 9hrs and a half making the front and not finish the project 🤣

httpjunkie profile image
Eric Bishard

Yes, but I think this is more because standards for front end, responsiveness, accessibility, interactiveness have all become easier to create support for and expected in modern applications. In order to do a lot of this stuff 10 years ago was very difficulty.

I'll take modern development over the old school browser war days when JavaScript was less capable.

mariog8 profile image
Mario Golik • Edited

I agree... Haste in this matter should be the least recommended ...😅

  • "Haste makes waste"
stanflows profile image
Stanley Ataki • Edited

This could be because you are comfortable with the already known framework all you think is how can you add synthetic sugar to it to make it more elegant so that takes time. On the other hand, since it's a new framework you just wanna build something out of it and learn new stuffs. 😄

rahullokanathan profile image

Its very simple, dont move fast move correctly. A timetable for each concepts can make you familiar with all the topicsl.

devpool3000 profile image

Remember to keep is simple tho 😅

But let's say you may need 15 or 20 hours. You could implement some interesting visuals components like graph with some data (and this is just an idea).

diogoppedro profile image
Diogo Pacheco Pedro

Init!! I know same here LOL

arrofirezasatria profile image
Arrofi Reza Satria • Edited

Especially if the front end didnt have design before,.. I could make it a week. :-X

manvendrask profile image
Manvendra Singh


aisone profile image
Aaron Gong

probably 10 hours mostly copy-pasta

chrysanthbuster profile image

For a fast project I recommend building a full stack RBAC Auth0 project, it is relatively easy because there are 2 detailed videos on this topic and Auth0 provides a lot of resource docs and videos. I did one myself, took me about 15 hours to understand how Auth0 works.

Here is the final product, please drop me a star if you find this useful.

silviaespanagil profile image
Silvia España Gil

I like the 10 hour idea but wonder about the level of complexity that it should have

devpool3000 profile image

I created a simple one page application way back when I was applying for a junior developer position. However, the complexity could vary depending on the position that you're applying for.

Within my project I used: Angular, Bootstrap, D3 for the linear chart, responsive design, and wanted to make it look good. I thought this was good enough for a junior position.

thomasskk profile image
thomasskk • Edited

What functionnality should i implement within 10h with a new framework to be considered a good front dev?

devpool3000 profile image

You want to build something simple but interesting to look at. As an example, take a look at the main page of this website:
As you can see it's simple and it doesn't have much. But you could build something similar, and add some visual component to it like a chart. The chart's data doesn't need make sense because the whole point is to demonstrate that you can learn and implement new libraries, and make a website look awesome. You could also add a simple component that will swipe users comments every x number of seconds. Overall, you want to add some interesting visual components that are different from each other and responsive whenever the users switches from devices.

Another idea, is you could develop a simple admin dashboard page.

truemail785 profile image

may be a video/music player, analog clock, simple landing page, typing game......

grifano profile image

Amazing post. Thank you so much 😊 I’m just gets a piece of knowledge about Node, express, mongoDb and mongoose. And this is what I need to start doing this on practice 👍

devpool3000 profile image

Hey that's awesome and I'm glad I was able to help 😀! If you want, you can also take a look at one of my videos where I'm using Node.Js (feathers.Js framework) to create a RESTful API:

manvendrask profile image
Manvendra Singh

I can only align a text vertically in 10 hours and take home 🏡 1 day salary. 😜

z2lai profile image

Right, these guys all making me depressed. Takes me 10 days just to decide on a design lol.

paulnoir profile image
Paulo Rodrigues

The clickbait is getting strong on

harshitdugar profile image
Harshit Dugar

hey everyone check this out

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