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Build Your First Application With Codeignter - 1

Build Your First Application


This tutorial will cover the basics of Codeignter4 framework and the basics principle of MVC

Codeignter4 is built on top PHP so you must have a basic understanding on PHP before diving in.. So basically we are gonna be building a crud system in CI4(Codeignter4). CRUD(Create Read Update Delete)

In this post we will cover installation

CI4 can be installed in 2 ways

  1. Manual Installation
  2. Composer Installation but we will be looking at manual installation.

To install manually all you need is to head over to github and download CI4

Extract and keep in a folder

Next we open terminal and cd into the folder directory

Then in the terminal type php spark serve

And you should be having this


Now open up your browser and type in the link CI4 gave you http://localhost:8080

And you should be having this.
Alt Text

Voila 🎉🎉 now we have CI4 running... So next we will take a look at the File Structure!.

Comment if you have any question.

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