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I GIVE UP , I HATE CODING this is one of the biggest challenge we face when it comes to working.

Imagine coding an application for 3hrs, you tested and it worked then few hours later you head back to check, boom u encountered an error on what you have tested. Me: i hate my life, i hate coding, Boss: I thought you said this was working already. LOL

That can be so annoying and frustrating lol, but we still have to keep on coding, trust me if plan a fails, try plan b and c if they ain't working too, keep on trying till you get to Z. your skill is a brand, protect it.

Lets take cs dojo for example, this particular guy applied at google 5 times and got rejected 4 times, imagine lol.. that basically means his lucky number is 5

Imagine me too applying for jobs more than 10 times and boom my whatsapp status got me a remote laravel backend job lol , seems weird right?

if you stop trying then you start failing _ devprecious, yes if you give up today you have given up everything, I gave up more than 3 times but with the help of people around me I was able to get on my feet back, imagine I didn't have supportive people around me, I would have become a Disc Jockey(Dj)..Lol

So basically your first failure is a map to your success..

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success.

Don't mind the above definition you should focus on Impossible which is basically I'm possible.. So keep on pushing and let see where we get to.

I guess am a motivational speaker now... LOL

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i am a developer from Nigeria, who is actually a PHP back-end developer and also a data scientist


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haha, you scared me now with that headline.
But in the end, it was a good message.
Thanks for share.


I dont like this article because title is clickbait.


I think in professional terms dev.to should deny such titles/posts. It's just not suited for honest knowledge transfer.


I disagree. Its his article, he wanned to make point the way he seemed fit. I just dont like it but he has every right to do so.


Its okay, article itself is fine but that clickbait ruined it for me.. anyway you do you i am just sharing my impression


If only you could be motivational and sway opinions for other frustrating or distressing experiences. But how many of us on DEV feel like that?
Show of hands?


I am never going to code any more, or less.