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Daily Hacktoberfest Miscellaneous discussion (October 5th)

What's everybody working on this weekend?

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ItsASine (Kayla)

I have started using my powers of being anal about documentation formatting to pray on tiny projects that have misrendered READMEs.

More like, I accidently stumbled on a project that made links like (this) [] which won't be right with the space. So 1/4 PRs done :P

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lol what did I read " Anal about documentation" , what does that even mean

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Mark Sta Ana

Often short hand for anal-retentive. Can often seem like a negative ie nit picky or fussy, but is a godsend when it comes to documentation.

How many times have you come across docs where the instructions don’t work?

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many times, of course, I didn't mean to offend anyone. But if anyone is offended I deeply apologize for that fact :)

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Casey Brooks

I just got my first pr in for this year's Hacktoberfest, and it's to Kotlin!

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Shannon Crabill

Ehhh, I'm not sure if I will get to Hacktoberfest stuff this weekend. It's the middle of project week, which I haven't started coding yet, and I have some freelance work to catch up on.

If only there was more time in the day!

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Fernando B πŸš€

Worked on code-notes adding github enterprise gists support so if anyone here has enterprise please feel free to test it. Got a few other things to work on, and also need to get started on my game. 😭

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Validator.js and class-validator

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Wouter van Marrum

Creating a dashboard with tailwindcss so I can work on my financial dashboard application.

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Saurabh Daware 🌻

Sent a PR to DEV πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί

Fix #4106: Showing color preview in Edit Profile #4212

What type of PR is this? (check all applicable)

  • [ ] Refactor
  • [x] Feature
  • [ ] Bug Fix
  • [ ] Documentation Update


This is Fix For #4106. The current color-picker does not show a preview so it is hard to guess the color contrast. I added a preview (screenshot added below) which shows your selected colors.

Also, Added a <input type="color"> which makes it is easy to select the color.

Since there are other pages that depend on 'color-picker' class I did not change anything in colorPicker.js or any of the styles of current color-picker. I created a new file colorPreview.js and some new classes in html.

Mobile & Desktop Screenshots/Recordings (if there are UI changes)


Mobile screenshot of color preview feature


Desktop Screenshot of color preview feature


Recording of color preview feature

Added to documentation?

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  • [ ] readme
  • [x] no documentation needed

[optional] What gif best describes this PR or how it makes you feel?

My first PR To DEV! I was not very sure if I could do this or not since DEV's codebase is probably the largest codebase I've ever worked on but now I'm super proud of myself to complete this 🌻

Me showing this code to everyone : Elsa showing magic to Anna

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Rene Padillo πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

currently contributing to any Javascript related repos, this is my first time joining, I kinda like it already. :D

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Andrew (he/him)

Just finished building this Chrome extension to shave about 3 seconds off my Javadoc searches:

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Bradley Wells • Edited

I'm just working on a personal Blazor WebAssembly project.