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DevDiscuss S2E6: How to Be An Entrepreneur

In the field of software development, people are always talking about side-hustles, passion projects, and a little term that’s frequently used and frequently misunderstood: entrepeneurship.

“Entrepreneurship” is thrown around so often in our society that many of us actively looking to take risks in business and in tech to create something new often don’t know where to start. I hope that this week’s episode of DevDiscuss will help you get in touch with your inner (and existing!) mogul, while illustrating a business mindset that is practical, healthy, and realistic.

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This week, @ben and I were joined by two inspiring guests who embody the entrepreneurial mindset:

In this episode, Ben, Courtland, Kelly, and I discuss

  • The pros and cons of transitioning from full-time coding to being a founder
  • Balancing working “on” the business and working “in” the business you started
  • How to manage the common “grass is always greener” pitfall in entrepreneurship

... and much more!

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