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DevNews Podcast — Season 4 Finale!

I can't believe the season finale of DevNews is already here 🥺

For S4E8, @saronyitbarek and I flipped the script a bit to chat with our amazing producer, Levi Sharpe about what it's like to make our show.

True to form, we naturally focused on some of the latest and splashiest stories in developer news as well:

  • An elaborate fake movie phishing hack
  • A questionable M1 security flaw
  • The first autonomous lethal drone targeting humans (ummmmm... 😱)

You can (and should!) follow Levi here on DEV and Twitter at @levisharpe

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Thank you so much for listening to DevNews this season. See you soon for season 5 👋

That's all, folks

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Bobby Iliev

Lol that movie phishing story is crazy 🤯

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Molly Struve (she/her)