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Freenode’s Mass Resignations, NVIDIA’s Less Crypto-Friendly Cards, & more on DevNews!

A new episode of the DevNews podcast is here!

In this episode, @saronyitbarek and I covered...

  • Companies excluding the state of Colorado from remote opportunities due to the Equal Pay For Equal Work Act
  • NVIDIA making their graphics cards less desirable for cryptocurrency miners
  • Twitter’s report on its investigation into its cropping algorithm, which many people criticized as having a racial and gender bias.

Then, we chatted with James Eaton-Lee, former Staff Developer at Freenode, and current Chair of Libera Chat. James explained how Libera Chat was created in response to entrepreneur and Korea's Crown Prince, Andrew Lee, taking control of Freenode, which led to a mass resignation of many of its developers. Fascinating stuff!

Enjoy S4E7! Can you believe that next week's episode is our season finale? 😱

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Top comments (2)

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Ben Halpern

The freenode stuff is wild!

codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald • Edited

I've been in the thick of it for the last week. Lee definitely shows all the characteristic signs of a malignent sociopath...and I've had to deal w/ more than my share of those in organizations and projects. (One was even ultimately arrested for fraud!) He creates alternative realities and tries to suck people into them.

On a happier note, the Libera transition has been mostly smooth (except for a bit of Lee-mandate-caused unplanned acceleration), and it's a nice place.