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Platforms as Utilities, Archiving Yahoo Answers, & more on DevNews

Get out from under that rock! DevNews Season 4 is here 🎉

Jokes aside, whether you intentionally live under a news rock (understandable, these days), or you’re glued to any headline you can get, keeping on top of developer news is helpful for your career.

If you’ve never listened to our show, DevNews is a podcast from the DEV Community that’s all about the most recent, developer-focused news stories you need to know about. Each week, @saronyitbarek and I dissect a few of the top headlines we’ve been thinking about with one goal -- to help keep you (and ourselves) informed.

In S4E1, we cover the following stories:

  • Companies rescinding job offers after they have been accepted
  • Justice Clarence Thomas arguing for categorizing some digital platforms as utilities (with guest Nikolas Guggenberger, Executive Director of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School)
  • Archive Team’s efforts to archive Yahoo Answers which is shutting down after 16 years (with guest Jason Scott, co-founder of Archive Team)

You can follow DevNews to get episode notifications and listen right in your feed — or subscribe on your platform of choice! Plus, if you leave us a review, we'll send you a free pack of thank-you stickers. Details here.

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