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DevNews S1E8 (Season Finale!) Twitter’s Algorithmic Bias, Coalition for App Fairness, Strava’s Data Share, & more 🤖

Don’t miss the final episode of DevNews season one! 😭

In the season finale, my co-host Saron and I checked back in on several stories we covered over the course of our first season of DevNews, and also covered some developing stories:

  • Ruby 3.0.0 Preview, released! In episode 2, we covered Ruby 3's new language for type signatures called RBS. A preview is now available for you to play with. Have fun!
  • React 17 developments. We also talked about React 17 in episode 2 and the surprising revelation that this release wouldn't include any new features. In this episode, we discuss the recent announcement that React 17 will provide support for a new version of the JSX transform.
  • Microsoft and OpenAI In our premiere episode, we covered GPT-3: OpenAI's autocomplete program. In today's episode, we talk about Microsoft's announcement that it will exclusively license GPT-3.
  • Strava's massive data-sharing plans In an email to its users, Strava recently disclosed that they actively share activity data. We explore the basis and implications of this.

Saron and I also chatted with two guests in this episode.

  • Alex Hanna, research scientist working on machine learning fairness and ethical AI at Google. Alex spoke with us about reports of photo algorithmic bias on Twitter.
  • Sarah Maxwell, Spokesperson for the Coalition for App Fairness. Sarah filled us in on the Coalition for App Fairness and its efforts to make the app marketplace a more even playing field for developers.

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I hope you tune in to the DevNews podcast, where we cut through the impossibly noisy news cycle to surface developer stories that impact many of us in this space. 🗞️🗞️🗞️

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Thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, my co-hosts, @joshpuetz and @saronyitbarek.

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