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Introducing DevNews — A New Podcast From DEV!

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・2 min read

BREAKING NEWS: We are super excited to introduce you all to DevNews, the second original podcast from the DEV Community that is for developers, by developers.

DevNews is hosted by Saron Yitbarek, founder of CodeNewbie, and senior engineers at DEV, Josh Puetz and Vaidehi Joshi. In this podcast, these experienced developers and members of the DEV team will cover the latest breaking stories in the world of tech alongside diverse guests from a variety of backgrounds. DevNews is all about the latest updates on the topics YOU care about, such as security, the pros and cons of outsourcing your authentication, and the latest bugs and hacks making waves across the tech ecosystem.

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The series premiere tackles some of the most talked-about topics in the developer community right now: GitHub's new public roadmap, the person behind the recent Twitter hack that took control of a bunch of high profile accounts, and TikTok's plans to disclose their algorithm — and more!

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A huge thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, and the wonderful hosts, @saronyitbarek , @joshpuetz , and @vaidehijoshi !

Additional thanks to our season 1 sponsors who help make this show possible. If you're in the market for any of their services, please check out:

We hope you enjoy DevNews! 🗞️🗞️🗞️

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The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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So excited to have a tech news source that is fun and isn't just me reading at top tech trends on twitter 😛


Great job on this! Ditto, @saronyitbarek & @joshpuetz ! Can't wait for the next!


I'm genuinely sooooooooo excited to listen to this show every week. I'm biased, but mostly just think this will be awesome.


wow! Awesome news guys, will definitely subscribe :)

Are there any plans to add it to Google Podcasts?


Yes! We've submitted the podcast to Google. It just takes them a while to process it. Should be available soon!


Just listened to the first episode. Excited for this new podcast!


Did somebody say free stickers?

So excited about this show. Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.


The first episode was really cool. I loved the twitter hack part. I think thought would have been cool to mention that most hacks / breaches are from social engineering. Would have been cool to talk more about that than about the credential sharing. Specially with COVID-19 we had to do many seminars teaching and warning various companies about SE attacks.

About tiktok stealing data I think we should look at proper research:


Yess! Another podcast to subscribe 🔥

For those who use PocketCasts, here's the link: pca.st/8xzpqkg9


Looking forward to this 🤓🤓


I love to put on my headphones while I commute or run/bike, anything from DEV Team is awesome, makes me feel special in a way 💯💥


Kevin from Vonage here - I work on our new Voyagers program so if you have any questions about it let me know! ✨ 🚀


Great ! Thanks to the dev team for even more great content


Awesome can't wait to listen to this.


Just finished the first episode and loved it! I was looking for something just like this to keep up with the news in the dev world. Great work!


Thanks! Should be playable in the embedded link above!


Hi , is anyone monitoring github Hackathon help thread ? I asked the questions there but no one is answering? I am asking here : Is it required that the technologies that i use for this submission should be open source technologies ? Example : Can I use Twilio ? But Twilio services are not open sourced ?

Hello! Sorry for the delay. Yes, we are indeed monitoring it! Looks like Jess answered your question there.


Sorry for the trouble! We've been having some issues with this over the past two days. We are working on diagnosing the issue but in the meantime, you should be able to play the episode via the embedded podcast player above — or on your external platform of choice!


Not an issue, it was just the curious cat in me :)


Ooft very cool! Inspires me to try my own!

Would be very into reading how you distribute the podcast to the different platforms (or the entire process prior to upload really).


That's a great idea for a future DEV team post! I'll chat with our awesome producer about that :)


I'm not into podcasts but nevertheless congrats, you guys are doing a great job.


I like the podcast logo it reminds of the NEXT computer logo.


Exciting! Can you add a podcast to the Google podcasts as well please?


We've submitted the podcast to Google! Should be available there soon.


just a suggestion:

Please add a timestamp of individual topics in the podcast so that, people if they want, can listen to the part that they want to , rather than listening to the whole podcasts.


That is a good suggestion! We'll talk about it as a team soon :)


We'll update this post once the podcast is available on google! We're just waiting for them to process the request :)

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Two really clueless hosts rambling their way through half an hour... Almost impressive. Did anyone tell them about the existence of GitLab and its public roadmap?