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Do You Have What it Takes to Break The Code?

DEV Community: Start your engines 🏁

Today is a pretty cool day for those of you on DEV who love gaming, cyphers, and tech nostalgia.

We’re excited to announce the release of Break the Code 2 — a unique online game by .Tech Domains built to challenge and entertain developers like you. Best of all, this second version of Break the Code is full of surprises tailored for the DEV Community.


A little while back, the awesome team at Break the Code reached out to us with an invitation to shape parts of the second release of their game specifically for our community.

After exploring the game a bit and how much fun its players seemed to have, the decision to share the game with you was easy. After you poke around Break the Code a bit, we think you'll agree.

Oh, and there is absolutely no sponsorship behind this announcement — we just think Break the Code is that cool.

Our Favorite Parts of Break the Code 2

Here at DEV, we are all about tech nostalgia and the programs, tools, and hardware that got us hooked on coding in the first place. Break the Code 2 features a Windows 98 look and feel that we love (and think you will, too).

The playful visual theme of Break the Code 2 is paired with problem-solving, logic-based skills, and a story you won’t be able to get out of your head. You’ll have to play it to see what we mean 😉

Break the Code 2 x DEV

Over the next 21 days, we’ll be spreading the news about Break the Code and celebrating all participants coming from the DEV community. Along the way, you’ll find awesome DEV Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the game to delight and entertain our community.

We invite you to check out this Break the Code discussion thread where you can connect with other players. At the end of the month, we'll share some instructions on how to claim a unique DEV profile badge to show off your participation.

>> Click here to start playing Break the Code 2!

Just make sure you sign up with your DEV email address so we can award your badge!

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shirley3 profile image

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lucasandre profile image
Lucas André

Nice, let's see if I can pass at least the first phase 😅

abhinav1217 profile image
Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Started playing this. This is a nice modern take on game like Uplink.

I used twitter oauth for both dev, and break the code2, Will I get the badge ?

siddharthshyniben profile image

The first one was hard enough. I'm in!!!

anushcodergirl profile image
Anushka Raj