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Introducing our September 2019 sponsors

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・2 min read

This month, we return DigitalOcean and GoCD, and welcome in Square as a Gold sponsor. This is also the first month where we'll recognize our Bronze and Silver sponsors. Thank you to each of these companies for being a valuable DEV Community partner and supporter.

Please take a few minutes to explore their offerings and consider them for your company or next project.


DigitalOcean is a much-loved cloud computing platform. I'm always impressed by how well-built and well-documented the DigitalOcean core products are. It's easier said than done, and they've been able to stay ahead of the curve.

DigitalOcean has been our longest-running supporter to date, and we're extremely thankful for their consistent support. Their commitment to the developer ecosystem is crystal clear.

As an organization, it's awesome to see the evolution of their service and their remarkable ability to stay top of the game for years now.

digitalocean image


GoCD is a continuous delivery tool built by Thoughtworks, one of the most reputable software development firms we've ever dealt with.

This is a feature-rich tool with some really fabulous visualization. Definitely worth considering for your organization or project. The product is very well supported through documentation, resources, and of course, the open source community. Very much worth checking out.

They've also put together a new page which allows you to take GoCD for a test drive.

Thoughtworks has been such an awesome supporter, thank you so much!

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Square is a financial services, merchant services aggregation, and mobile payment company. They are known for their hardware payments products and small business services, but they also have multiple APIs and SDKs that are free for developers to use.

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Bronze and Silver Sponsors

Earlier this month, we quietly rolled out some new options to support the DEV Community. We are delighted to welcome Maxihost as our first-ever Bronze Sponsor. Maxihost is a bare metal cloud platform which also offers custom deployments.

maxihost logo

If your company is interested in supporting the DEV Community with a self-serve sponsorship, please check out this page or reach out to partners@dev.to.

These organizations are helping us build the best community we can. I urge you to check out their offerings if you are in the market for their services.

Happy coding ❤️

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Thank you to each of these companies! It's amazing to collaborate with such consistent and supportive partners in DigitalOcean and GoCD, and we are excited to be working together with Square!


Rock on! You guys help make this a great site for developers to collaborate and share ideas!


FYI @ben - the dev.to/partnership page returns a 404

EDIT: fixed now, thanks :)


The page should be fine,
I think you just forgot the S.


Oh, my bad. Should go to dev.to/partnerships

Fixed in the post.


Oh I see, my bad. Thx Ben and Chris.