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It's the Final Stretch of the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon β€” and We've Doubled the Participant Shop Prize πŸŽ‰

The MongoDB Atlas Hackathon on DEV closes next Thursday, January 13th, 2021 @ 11:59 PM UTC β€” and we've increased the DEV Shop participant prize to $25 USD πŸ“£ Don't miss out.*

The MongoDB Atlas Hackathon on DEV ends in just a few days! Because all of us at DEV know how busy this time of year can be, I wanted to share a quick reminder about this fantastic contest as well as a bit of news...

We're excited to share that all participants with a valid submission will now receive $25 USD to the DEV Shop. With that amount, you could score a beanie, a mug, TWO sticker packs, and many other awesome items from our shop. 10 runners up will win a limited-edition profile badge, $250 USD cash (or the equivalent value in your local currency) and a $150 USD gift code to the DEV shop. Five Grand Prize winners get a limited-edition profile badge, $1,500 USD in cash, and $300 USD at the DEV shop!

>> Click here to read the rules and join the fun

*Note: the doubled participant prize applies only to DEV Shop credits for non-Grand Prize Winners and non-runners up with a valid submission.

If you'd like to tell us how your project is coming or meet the other participants, check out the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon community discussion thread.

If you need help with your project or have a question about the hackathon rules or MongoDB, pop into the help thread. Members of the DEV and MongoDB teams are there to assist you.

Reminder that we're emailing participants a code worth $100 towards MongoDB to build your project. You'll find the sign up form to receive it embedded in this post. Be sure to check your spam folder!

Good luck, all participants πŸ€

Click here to find all the info you'll need to get started. ✨

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aryanarayantiwari profile image
Arya Narayan Tiwari

you had my curiosity but now you have my attention.

curiouspaul1 profile image
Curious Paul


dhruvacube profile image
Dhruva Shaw

dammm!!!! anyways i will submit on last day

anthonyjdella profile image

Awesome incentive!

geobrodas profile image

Man I'm cooking something hot πŸ”₯

roxioxx profile image
Roxioxx Studios

I hope my hackathon project is good enough. TT___TT I just submitted it. I'm no professional developer. It's the literal definition of MVP.

ernest2026 profile image

I'm almost done with my project, will be uploaded soonπŸ™‚