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Share your MongoDB Atlas Hackathon Updates!

We’d love to know what you’re working on for the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon here on DEV! Fill us in on your project and how things are going below. and how things are going with this exciting challenge.

Use this thread to share ideas, gather feedback, and get to know other MongoDB Atlas Hackathon contestants!

If you've just reached a new milestone with your project or if you've just solved a tough problem, we encourage you to publish a standalone post. Just be sure to add the #atlashackathon tag so all of us can find it on the tag page.

If you need help with a specific problem, head over to the help thread where members of the DEV and MongoDB teams are standing by to assist you.

Have a great time! We can't wait to meet you and hear all about your submission.

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sahilpabale profile image
Sahil Pabale

Any flutter developer here willing to collab with me for the Hackathon?

dibasdauliya profile image
Dibas Dauliya • Edited

Hello, I have submitted my project.
Initially, I thought I couldn't implement MongoDB Atlas Search, but I learned it. πŸ˜ƒ

godwinagedah profile image
Godwin Agedah

Still brainstorming πŸ€”

chefgs profile image
Saravanan Gnanaguru

Hey everyone,
As part of the #Atlashackathon, i've learned to develop MERN web app.

Please find my submission post here.

Here is the link to my project repo in GitHub

Thanks to Dev X MongoDB hackathon organisers for creating the learning opportunity and looking forward for more such hackathons :-)

valentinesean22 profile image
Valentine Sean Chanengeta

Hey guys, just finished my project which is a Product Catalog. You can check my submission here

frikishaan profile image
Ishaan Sheikh

Hi all, I am working on a clone of an existing product, under which category you think it will fit into?

zachjonesnoel profile image
Jones Zachariah Noel
8bitsouvik profile image
Souvik Mandal

Hey guys, I've built a social media application using NodeJS and MongoDB.
It's currently deployed on heroku where you can upload post, do like/comment like other social media platform!

Uploaded my dev post just now.
please checkout my submission

jacksonkasi profile image
Jackson Kasi • Edited

please help me anyone. nodemailer failed to excite on MongoDB Realm... how to fix?
more info:

codewithahsan profile image
Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz

Submission done!!!
And I'm super happy about it. Had some sleepless time but the adrenaline was worth it πŸ˜„

jacksonkasi profile image
Jackson Kasi

please help me anyone. nodemailer failed to excite on MongoDB Realm... how to fix?
more info:

leejoys profile image

Hello! I just finish my submission post for MongoBD Atlas hackathon and now share it with you. I hope, i did it right.

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)


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