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Linode + DEV Hackathon Reminder ⏰

Submissions for the Linode + DEV Hackathon are due on Feb 20th at 11:59 PM UTC.

Akamai Cloud Computing based on Linode provides a number of services and products that give both developers and enterprises the flexibility and support they need to build, deploy, and scale their modern applications.

The Linode + DEV Hackathon is an opportunity to harness Linode to build a new application, write a post about it (your "submission"), and share your work with the world! In doing so, you'll earn a limited-edition profile badge and a DEV sticker pack. You'll also be eligible to win up to $1,000 USD in cash, up to $312 USD towards the Forem Shop, and lots more. 🔥

Full details and rules for participating in the Linode + DEV Hackathon can be found here.

Don't forget to submit your project by February 20th!

If you get stuck at any point, please refer to the help thread which the DEV and Linode + DEV teams are monitoring. If you instead just want to connect or swap ideas with other participants, the community discussion thread is the spot to do just that!

If you've already published your submission, great job! Our judges look forward to reviewing your project. Thanks for participating. You're also invited to submit multiple times if you wish!

Happy coding!

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devarshishimpi profile image
Devarshi Shimpi

Yes!! Been working on the project. Excited for the same!!

brandonmichaelhunter profile image
Brandon Michael Hunter

Any info regarding the winners?

matricar profile image
Eldin Zaimovic

Any info regarding the winners.