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Listen to the DevNews Season 6 Finale!

The DevNews season 6 finale is here already!

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Hosts: @saronyitbarek & @joshpuetz


  • Samina Kabir, Developer Advocate @ Decentology
  • Niharika Singh, Product Manager @ Decentology
  • Sam Kriegman Postdoctoral Fellow @ The Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University and the Wyss Institute at Harvard University

In this episode, we talk about some criticisms of web3, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey wrote this week, and then we’ll speak to two leaders at a web3 company about what in the world web3 is and their perspectives on it. Then we’ll speak with a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard and Tufts about his research with the world’s first reproducing organic robots.

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We hope you enjoyed season 6 of DevNews 📰 We look forward to returning for all new episodes in the new year.

Top comments (2)

cleveroscar profile image
Oscar Ortiz

I gotta dive into these articles ASAP! Web3 is exploding and I need to be on the train

andersbjorkland profile image
Anders Björkland

There's no rush though, is it? I wasn't there when web 2.0 hit and I can still enjoy all that it brought.

Right now is a hot market to invest in NFT and crypto currencies, that doesn't make it a sound investment (that's up to you and your wallet) and it doesn't mean that Web 3 is a technology we will miss out on by not going for it right away.