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Listen to the S7E3 of DevDiscuss: "Getting a Read on Tech Publishing"

There might be a book inside of you waiting to be written. Let's explore that in this week's episode of DevDiscuss...

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Quick refresher — DevDiscuss is the first original podcast from DEV all about the burning topics that impact all our lives as developers.

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In S7E3, we talk about the fascinating world of tech publishing. If you're here on DEV contributing content, this episode is made for you!



  • Katel LeDû is the CEO of A Book Apart, where she helps passionate tech community members become successful authors. She’s also a personal and professional transformation coach, focused on helping folks cultivate creativity, develop social awareness in themselves and at work, and embody sensitivity and empathy as superpowers.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Is episode is truly SO relevant to the DEV community. Great job, team DevDiscuss!