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Microsoft Mesh, Accusations of Sexism and Racism at Mailchimp, & more on DevNews

The season finale of DevDiscuss is here already 😢

Is it just me or did season three fly by faster than the 24-hour news cycle churns?

In S3E8, @saronyitbarek and I talked about a few stories that range from fascinating to upsetting. The common thread? You don’t want to miss them:

  • Microsoft Mesh — the next step in the company’s mission to bring mixed reality to the masses with HoloLens.
  • The French government requiring manufacturers to give a “repairability index” score to their products
  • A super-modular 13.5-inch laptop from the startup, Framework, that promises to be easy to disassemble, modify, and repair.
  • A very upsetting report in The Verge about rampant racism and sexism at MailChimp.

We also talked to not one, not two, but THREE guests about a few different developer news headlines...

  • Kerry Sheehan, US Policy Lead who chatted with us about the repairability index story
  • Kevin Purdy, Technology Journalist at iFixit who went in-depth with us about the Framework laptop
  • Jaime-Alexis Fowler, Founder and Executive Director of Empower Work, who talked about navigating workplace challenges like the one MailChimp employees are experiencing right now.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Great episode. I learned a lot from this — especially from the convo with Jamie-Alexis Fowler!