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Trump De-platformed, Parler Dropped, an ANTIFA Conspiracy, & more on DevNews!

Let me tell you, Tech. News. Doesn't. Stop.

— that's why @saronyitbarek and I are back with another season of DevNews!

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The season three premiere had us diving right back into the biggest stories that matter to developers (and any human being who is as glued to the news as I am):

  • The most infamous Twitter user ever getting suspended
  • AWS and the Google and Apple app stores dropping Parler in the aftermath of the US Capitol siege

We were also joined by two guests who spoke with us about a few additional stories of interest:

  • Dave Gershgorn, Senior Writer at OneZero at Medium, covering AI and its effects on society. We spoke about a conspiracy theory related to Antifa and the recent U.S. Capitol siege.

  • Monica Chin, writer at the Verge. Monica filled Saron and me in on this year’s virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

In the chaotic world we live in, I hope DevNews can play a small part in helping you sort through the noise to stay as informed as possible (mental health permitting!)

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darkwiiplayer profile image
𒎏Wii 🏳️‍⚧️

I've already discussed this a lot on HN, but to summarize: The parler ban is beyond just scary. Companies like Amazon, known for disregarding basic human rights whenever possible, should not be in a position to decide over who is or isn't allowed freedom of expression.

jrop profile image
Jonathan Apodaca

The crazy thing is that I've talked to a few people who explain it away, and act unconcerned.

thesanjeevsharma profile image
Sanjeev Sharma

Spotify link doesn't work for me! :(