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Preptember check-in: more maintainer resources for Hacktoberfest

Hello, fellow open source maintainers!

With Hacktoberfest just around the corner, I'm sure that many of you have been reflecting on how you can best prepare for contributions from participants next month and are also wondering how you can lend your help and expertise to open source newbies.

Here are a few Hacktoberfest resources and opportunities for maintainers.

1. DEV's Looking for contributors thread

You know you want contributors submitting PRs on your project to help it improve and evolve, but how can you get the word out? Drop a link to your project and any other info about it in this thread to get more eyes on your repo!

2. This Preptember guide for maintainers

This post is full of great tips for getting your repos in tip-top shape for contributions — during Hacktoberfest or any time of year.

3.'s Hacktoberfest Helpdesk

Head to to sign up for's Hacktoberfest Helpdesk as a maintainer mentor! Some of team DEV/Forem will be participating weekly — hope to see you there!

4. "Getting the Most Out of Open Source" Tech Talk from @nickytonline via @DigitalOcean

On October 1st, our very own @nickytonline will be presenting a free talk for both maintainers and contributors on how to have the best experience in the open source community. Register here.

Any other tips for open source maintainers looking to maximize their Hacktoberfest experience? Drop them in the comments below!

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Johannes Lichtenberger

Alt Text

You can help to build an evolutionary, accumulate-only database system for modern hardware called SirixDB.

The core repository (Java and Kotlin):

"We want to research the indexing of data in a huge persistent data-structure, mapped to persistent storage. SirixDB stores data and indexes of database resources in a huge persistent tree of tries. It allows us to retrieve any past revision and the current revision, whereas the revisions itself are indexed. The system supports time travel queries, reconstruction of any past state, and to revert to any past state. It only ever aggregates data over time and never overwrites data."

The query processor:

"With our research, we want to develop an extensible, retargetable compilation, and runtime framework for driving scripting-like query languages for structured and semi-structured data. Ideally, we envision to prepare the ground for a tool for query languages similar to what the LLVM compiler framework is for general programming languages: an ecosystem in which proven optimization techniques and algorithms are readily available for implementing custom query processing systems."

The frontend:

"We want to explore how to visualize time-travel queries best and how best to depict the differences between two revisions or any subtrees."

dailydevtips1 profile image
Chris Bongers

Is there not an overview website where I can search on the level of experience needed + language?
That would be so cool.

On the side: Totally ready for Hacktoberfest

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Karen Efereyan

I'm so excited for hacktober first. I hope I can get some good contributions in