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Reminder — Join Us for the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon ⏰

The MongoDB Atlas Hackathon on DEV closes on January 13th, 2022 @ midnight UTC.

Don't miss this chance to flex your software development muscles and win up to $1,500 USD – and more 👀

If you're just returning to your computer after celebrating the winter holidays OR if the end of 2021 has been a busy time for you, we wanted to share a friendly reminder that the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon on DEV is ongoing and we'd LOVE to see a submission from you. This is DEV's first-ever hackathon with our friends at MongoDB and we think it's a particularly exciting and fun opportunity to show off your software development skills. Plus, hey, the amazing prizes don't hurt either! How does a grand prize of $1,500 USD in cash sound? How about $300 to the DEV shop, plus a sticker pack and a limited-edition profile badge? 🤩

Refresher: this hackathon challenges you to build an application utilizing MongoDB Atlas (a collection of cloud database and data services that helps you accelerate and simplify how you use data in your work) and share an overview of your project on DEV. There are five fascinating categories so you can truly build what interests you.

>> Full details on how to participate in the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon here

Additional tools & reminders

Questions about MongoDB or the hackathon in general? Head over to our help thread, which is being monitored by the MongoDB and DEV teams:

Looking for a chance to connect with other participants? Want to find a project partner or simply share your progress? The community discussion thread is the perfect place to do that:

Happy coding and enjoy this challenge! You have just under two weeks left!

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davidbug profile image

Thanks for sharing 🙂Is this for beginners or just experienced devs

frikishaan profile image
Ishaan Sheikh

Anyone can join above 18 years of age.