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Share Your 2022 #SheCoded Story to Donate $20 to Closing the Tech Gender Gap

Please join us in celebrating International Women’s Day (Tuesday, March 8, 2022) with SheCoded: DEV’s annual collection of stories about the gender gap in tech.

This year, we’re thrilled to share that for each #SheCoded, #TheyCoded, and #SheCodedAlly story published between February 28 and March 9 @ 10:59 AM UTC*, we will be donating $10 to Girls Who Code: a nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in tech. Our friends at GitHub have very generously offered to match our donation amount for a total of $20 per post received! We’re so excited about this new charitable giving initiative behind SheCoded and thank GitHub for their support.

About SheCoded

International Women's Day is a worldwide celebration of women and girls across all fields. Because DEV is a global community of software developers, we have a responsibility not only to shed light on the experiences of women who build software, but also to create a safe space for them to tell their own stories. Enter #SheCoded!

Since 2017, DEV community members around the world have used #SheCoded, #TheyCoded, and #SheCodedAlly to share powerful stories about gender equality in software in honor of IWD, creating a “collection” each year. Together, #SheCoded stories shed light on real experiences of women in our industry – the good, the bad, and the inspiring.

The theme of International Women's Day this year is “Break the Bias” — a message and a rallying cry to eliminate unhealthy assumptions, barriers, and bigotry that women in tech face every day. We look forward to hearing about the accomplishments and challenges that you are facing in 2022 with “Nevertheless, She Coded”.

How to participate

We’ll be collecting your #SheCoded, #TheyCoded, and #SheCodedAlly stories on DEV in the coming days. Please join us in amplifying International Women's Day with "Nevertheless, She Coded"!

  • 💜 Visit
  • ✅ Choose the template that fits you best
  • ✍️ Write your post
  • 🚀 Share it with the world by March 9, 2022 @ 10:59 AM UTC (2:59 AM PT/5:59 AM ET/12:59 PM CET/4:29 AM IST)
  • 🌐 Encourage everyone you know to share their story

*note: As a nod to our globally-distributed audience, we have opted to end our SheCoded celebration when the furthest time zone behind (SST) hits March 8th.

Feel free to refer to past #SheCoded, #SheCodedAlly, and #TheyCoded posts for inspiration as you write your own story. If you participated in a previous SheCoded celebration, we'd love it if you submitted again in 2022!

Posts will be considered valid if they are written in the spirit of equality and acceptance for everyone in our industry. Now is the perfect time to revisit our Code of Conduct.

We will share an update with the community in the days following #SheCoded 2022 with information about the donation we make to Girls Who Code.


To continue our annual tradition, we're inviting allies in the DEV community to share their thoughts and reflections on how we can make software development a more level playing field for everyone using the #SheCodedAlly tag.

Non-Binary Inclusion

If you identify as non-binary and wish to participate, feel free to use the #TheyCoded, #SheCoded, and/or #SheCodedAlly tag. You can also email us at if you use another pronoun that is not listed in this post, as we’ll be happy to set up a tag for you!

We understand that International Women's Day can be a challenging time for members of the non-binary community, as our society is often too eager to assign gender. Whether you participate in SheCoded or not, know that DEV is your home on March 8th and every day of every year. We also look forward to celebrating International Non-Binary People's Day on July 14!

SheCoded Merch

We will have a brand new collection of 2022 SheCoded Merch available by International Women’s Day (March 8, 2022)! Anyone who participates in SheCoded with a valid post will receive a credit towards this collection.

Thank you, GitHub!

A HUGE shout-out to GitHub for offering to match our $10 per post donation to Girls Who Code for a total of $20 per post. Their generosity is helping make #SheCoded the impactful community-giving event we envisioned this year.

You can find GitHub and connect with their team right here on DEV:

To everyone who chooses to participate in SheCoded 2022, we thank you for helping us make DEV an inspiring home for all technologists. Now, let’s raise some money for Girls Who Code and work together to make the tech industry a place where everyone belongs.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

I truly can't WAIT to read this year's SheCoded collection. What a great cause to be raising money for. Thank you, GitHub for supporting this cause and thank you in advance to all participants ❤️


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Lucia Cerchie
sherrydays profile image
Sherry Day


boukhattela profile image

Hi Lucia, I'am an engineering student and I need a test account for academic reasons can you help me please ??

cerchie profile image
Lucia Cerchie • Edited

Hi @boukhattela,
I'm not sure what you mean, or how I can help. It seems you already have an account, so if you're talking about access to the API, I think you already have it. I'd suggest directing your questions to someone at

christin_kalina profile image
Christin Kalina

Thank you so much for creating this opportunity to share our stories and donating money for bringing more diversity into the tech industry!

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I disclosed my story...