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What do you wish you knew about accessibility? Answer for the chance to appear on the DevDiscuss podcast!

The DevDiscuss Podcast begins with an interview and ends with commentary from listeners — and we like to feature the actual voices from our community!

To enrich an upcoming episode of the show, we'd like to know...

“What do you wish you knew about accessibility?”

For your chance to appear on an upcoming episode, answer the question above by:

  • Calling our Google Voice at +1 (929)500-1513 and leave a message 📞

  • Sending a voice memo to 🎙

  • OR, leaving a comment here (we'll read your response aloud for you) 🗣

Please send in your recordings by Wednesday, February 17th at Midnight, ET (9 PM PT, 5 AM UTC)

Voice recordings will be given priority placement 😉

Plus, don't forget to check out the season 4 premiere of DevDiscuss:

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Top comments (3)

onemightyone profile image
One Mighty.

Coming off the back of a difficult government website build that required AA standards, one of the most difficult things to deal with is ambiguity.

Unlike once you learn HTML, CSS or JS there is always a looming feeling that there is another aria role that you should be using. This can lead to you feeling quite disheartened.

So I guess my answer to this question, would be: a deeper understanding of aria roles, and how to commit them to memory!

grahamthedev profile image
GrahamTheDev • Edited

I emailed but I didn't get a response, so thought I would try a comment instead 😁.

If you are doing a podcast on accessibility either now or in the future and you want someone to talk I would love to be involved, it is an area I work in heavily.

As I am trying to get more involved in the community it would be great to hear back either way!

As for a question for the podcast:
"Do we really need to support Internet Explorer anymore?" - I would imagine that would make for a lively debate when talking about accessibility, given the high number of screen reader users still using IE! And if it lands on the side of "yes" the next question is "how far back should we go and what is the cut-off point for percentage of users?"

grahamthedev profile image

Did this podcast on accessibility actually happen yet? Can't seem to find it.