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What was your win this week?


Looking back on your week — what was something you're proud of?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄

Have a great weekend!


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Ekaterina Vujasinović

I work for a small software development company DITDOT and we have released our open source project we worked very hard on It's a form generator built with Vue you can use to create multi-step conversational forms, surveys, quizzes and you can integrate it into your site or app.

The guys did 99.99% of the job, but I'm still super proud of 0.01% I've contributed (it was my first open source contribution ever!) and it's great to be the part of the open source community. Here's another demo

So, support us and give us a star on GitHub or contribute. I'll buy you a coffee next time you're in Croatia :)

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Matthieu Cneude • Edited

Many people seem interested in my book 📙 Buiding Your Mouseless Development Environment.

50+ signup to my newsletter this week and, more important, many questions and encouragements from wonderful developers! 🥰

My motivation went through the roof 🌠

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Christian Kaisermann

Landed an offer to work abroad, rewrote my resumé, and added more (un)needed easter-eggs to my website 📺

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Matthieu Cneude
  1. Your website is really cool.
  2. You're a man of good taste if you have a playlist beginning with Aquatic Ambiance from DKC.

Love it! Great job.

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Christian Kaisermann

Thanks, Matthieu 😁 !

It indeed deserved the first place in that playlist, it's so soothing ✨

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Great website, man.

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Doaa Mahely
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Vitor Paladini

Updated my LinkedIn, resumé, and website in order to apply to a certain front-end position 👀

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Website looks good! By the way, the links for the hashtags/categories on your articles are incorrect, should've been preceded with /t/, just a heads up.

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Vitor Paladini

Hey briwa, thanks! I'll fix it up 🐛

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Alexandru-Dan Pop

Got away from vacation mood and started writing articles again.

Also got 500 twitter followers. 😊

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Ben Halpern


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Maxim Chechenev

Made my very first webinar (teaching HTML, CSS) for ~100 people yesterday, that was a great experience.

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Marko Kruljac • Edited

I received my Beloved Comment badge and was featured in Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week.

But a more important victory, people in my engineering departement have been doing great recently.

Junior devs have grown to become middle levels. By now they all have a couple of successful projects under their belts, they have learned a lot and even had time to write some great articles on about psalm, react hooks cheat sheet and even about The basics of using the delegation pattern.

Middle levels are taking on more and more responsibility and are slowly walking down the path towards seniority and leadership. They are already very strong individually and in time, will make great technical leaders. I am really proud of them, they have great potential.

Our top talent senior engineers who left us in April, considering a career change after their 5 year mark, decided to return back to us this week. This victory is special to me, it is a statement about the culture in our organization and a very positive feedback signal.

My little "agenda" in all of this, is that I can take my vacation starting today, knowing that operations will continue to run smoothly while I'm away. Getting to this point was hard, but feels extremely liberating now.

Dear team members, thank you 😊

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Daniel Schulz

Started a new job \o/

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Shannon Crabill

I coded for fun this week! It felt like it had been a while.

I built Candy Crush following Ania Kubów's tutorial

GitHub logo scrabill / candy-crush

Candy Crush build with Javascript, CSS and a whole lot of sugar

And made a palindrome checker from scratch.

GitHub logo scrabill / palindrome-checker

Insert a string and see if it's a valid palindrome.

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Shani Fedida

I finished working on my post which started as just translating to english and become a major rewrite.
And got 3000+ views. 😊
Write clean code without loops

statst profile image

Today, I published my first article.

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Btara Truhandarien • Edited

Moved cities for a new job! (and for personal reasons) Definitely excited

On a smaller scale:

  • put in some work for my hobby project
  • made a blog post on my github hosted website about financial investing
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Vitor Paladini

Thanks, Ramit! A friend of mine designed it and I built it with Gatsby :)

Thread Thread
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Christian Kaisermann

May I say that you and your friend have a really sensible taste for fonts?

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speaking of "Cleaning your house...", last week, I channeled my inner Marie Kondo and refactored a ton of code. Felt much better than actually cleaning the house. These days I feel more accomplished when I remove code rather than adding 🤔 Anyone relate ?