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Where exactly in Europe? In Duseldorf, Barcelona, Moscow, London, Istambul, Athens, Paris?

My broad recommendation is that you choose some cities or, at least some countries, and research the online job portals. Another good way to find a job, IMO, is to visit the cities where you would like to work and go to developer meetups in order to do some networking. Bonus points if you can do a presentation.


Both meetups and online job portals sounds like a good idea. Another idea could be to check global companies that have offices in cities that you are interested in.

There is a huge demand for developers in Sweden right now. I read that about 80% of IT companies need to hire more people. I can imagine that there is a similar situation in most of western Europe.


Agree. Also Europe is not a single market, salary vary and in some cases wildly (between London and Prague for example).

Also check out those sites for cost of living...


Where you search also depends on how much you are willing to learn the native language. In many cases English is enough but in some countries the native language is key to being truly accepted.

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